All these years we’ve been watching Game of Thrones and yet, the craze for Game of Thrones didn’t fulfill. Now its Game of Thrones Seasons 7 and fans are already predicting things about the seasons and some are curious to know some spoilers and more to know about Game of Thrones in different peoples perspective.

In this very article, you are going to know more about those 7 main characters they are most probably going to die. Let’s predict some things and try to catch up after the end of the seasons and we will compare more in details about it.

Game of Thrones: 7 Characters They will Probably Die in Season 7

7Arya Stark

There are a lot of fans of Arya Stark. They are even curious to know or predict what are her future plans or who is next in her list. So she has been using great skills for taking revenge of her parent’s deaths. In seasons 7the first episode she toasted all the Frey’s and now she is headed for the queen.

Now, this is the main reason that she is one of the main characters who will in one of the upcoming episodes. I believe she will die almost in the next or third episode of season seven. Not exactly sure but she will die for sure.

But before she dies, I believe there will be the family reunion, she will get a chance to meet John Snow and others.

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