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Apps like Testony Can Breach Your Data – Hacking

Over the internet, there are many applications and they and they all need to host their app on the certain place on the internet to make it work, they will setup database or a data center and if those data centers are not secured enough then it’s very dangerous to use apps that are available on the internet.

Actually, What is Data Breach?

A data breach is an incident or an activity where all the sensitive, protected or confidential data has been potentially viewed or stolen by an unauthorized company or an organization as well as a person.

In data breaching, they might collect or hack your personal pieces of information like passwords, trade secrets or intellectual property or any personal information related to you that you have shared secretly over the internet.

Now Let’s talk about TestOny,

TestOny is the Facebook app which was developed for Facebook users and that is just for fun.

testony facebook app

This app predicts some interesting questions answers those in some sense, may relate with you but this is not exactly a truth. There are higher chances to data breaching or getting hacked.

Here are the results, I’ve tried to use this app for sharing screenshots with you and let me share the processes What I’ve done.

testony results

testony true love

I’ve been through the app and that app asked me for login > and I logged in via the Facebook account > I went through a question to check the prediction and they analyzed my profile and everything and presented the result. That is exactly with the help of an algorithm.

What are you missing here?

  1. You get to know about APP, that looks like interesting to you.
  2. Asked for login and Logged in via Facebook.
  3. You gave that app permission to publish on your timeline.
  4. The permission you gave to send a notification to you anytime.
  5. You also gave them your Facebook account login details by logging via Facebook.
  6. Loving the prediction game, but you are not aware of the damage.

These above 6 points are the main points that you are missing, you don’t even realize these things while using apps blindly.

Is this direct message to not use TestOny,

Actually, “Yes”, but this is not only for TestOny, there are many applications like this (i.e WellFinger and etc…) and they produce content just for fun and entertainment. I’m not sure how much they are secured and strong with their database management or with the data center management, even I’m not sure how much they can be trusted. And do they really have data protecting privacy policies?

Directly: Just don’t use this kind of apps those are available over the internet, these are unknowingly very dangerous and not secured as well.

Now How to take an immediate action?

To keep yourself on a safe side follow these steps and I believe these might help you secure yourself on Facebook.

Step 1: To hide all the testony app posts from your timeline. Just do this and you are done.

stop testony from feeds

Step 2: If you already have used this app then you must have to change your password immediately. If your Facebook email and passwords are interrelated with any email or etc then you must have to do that.

change facebook password

Step 3: Now go to applications settings tab on your Facebook account and remove that app from your list.

testony app

testony hide details

remove testony app

Now those are the steps for removing testony app. But as you can see the note there: 
Testony.com may still have the data you shared with them. For details about removing this data, please contact testony.com or visit the testony.com privacy policy. 

Stay tuned, I will try to share another way to delete data from those apps permanently, if possible in a perfect way.

That is it. Cheers 🙂

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