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Most of the time people's searches for the problem solution by typing Howto so we are also providing Howto tips on DigitalAmple. i.e Howto create a website?    

hire copywriter online

Where can I find and hire a copywriter online?

Content has always been the backbone of every blog and website. It attracts traffic, makes the website visible on search engines, keeps visitors on the website and is the only reason...
Free Web Hosting

Free Website Hosting Space using FreeHostia

Simply a website hosting is a process of acquiring online space for keeping your website live or to make your website presentation visible to everyone else in the world. In this...
testony data breaching

Apps like Testony Can Breach Your Data – Hacking

Over the internet, there are many applications and they and they all need to host their app on the certain place on the internet to make it work, they will setup...
buy blogger templates

6 Places to Buy Blogger Templates Online

Are you looking for websites to buy blogger templates online? In this article, you are going find out those 6 places where you buy blogger templates online. And I bet these...
blog for your business

6 Reasons to Have a Blog for Your Business

Blogging has been good to me. Over the past 6 years, I circled the globe as an island hopping, Amazon best-selling, professional blogger. Even better? I grew my multiple online businesses through my...
Boost SEO Rankings

6 Quick Ideas To Boost SEO Rankings: The Right Way

Google (search engine) is so much important for any blog or website because they have precise targeting to users all over the globe. Their cost of advertisement for a particular keyword...
Benefits Offered by SEO to Your Business

Top 5 Benefits Offered by SEO to Your Business

SEO, which is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is today considered a norm for online business success in the digital marketing world. SEO is aimed at making your business grow...
Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money through Affiliate Marketing

Are you a blogger who is struggling to make money online? Or you just don`t know the best way to make money blogging? In any of such situation, you should look for...
Delete Woocommerce from WordPress

How to Delete WooCommerce from WordPress

In our previous article, we've discussed What is WooCommerce and How to create a WooCommerce store. There are a lot of way's to create best eCommerce store. If you find something better...

What is WooCommerce & How to Create a WooCommerce Store?

You might have heard about WooCommerce, it's one of the most popular free eCommerce plugins that has been used by more than 1 million users worldwide. WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows...
WordPress not sending emails

WordPress Not Sending Email Issue: Fixed

You might have faced this WordPress not sending email issue. I have faced this problem while using WordPress on different hosting platforms. After doing the research regarding this issue I have got...
Mailer Daemon

Inbox Flooded : How Do I Stop the Mailer Daemon?

Few day's back I've tried to access my official website email address through round cube mail I've noticed more than 8000+  Mailer Daemon bounce back emails. That's so strange to me because...
Blogging Matters for Small Business

Why Blogging Matters for Small Business

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to publicize any kind of business. The main debate out there is that whether blogging is still relevant or not? I would say "Yes" blogging is...
Start a Blog in 5 Steps

How to Start a Blog in 5 Steps

Are you looking for simple ways to create your own blog? Then these these 5 steps will help you create your own blog very easily. Nowadays blog writing has become so common...


Top 10 Quick Tips to Increase Alexa Rank

It's tough to Increase Alexa Rank for bloggers, because it requires lots of hard work. Lots of Newbie asked for Alexa rank boosting tips...
Snapchat for Business

Snapchat for Business