I didn’t even know What is Cricket. I only remembered playing cricket, just catching a bat with my dad and brother. What was it? I had no much interest in it. One day, when I was 13 my friend got a bat, from when my journey begin. We just started playing it without having any knowledge about it.

As the time passed, we got addicted to it. We were not a big gang, only a few fellows. Tennis ball with a bat. time passed and we were about 14-15.  Cricket had become a life to me, without which my life was incomplete. But the place where we live we had no infrastructure or even no place where we can play.

We visited different places catching a bat in hand and just keep roaming searching for a place to play. No matters small or big, we just wanted cricket.  We played in the middle of the road for a long time with some supporting house owners and some troublesome people. And finally, we were even scolded by Police. They didn’t even think about us.

What we have to do is just leave that place forever but we did not. We kept playing in spite of those utters. I had friends Ajay, Balram and sometimes Abhishek who were always ready for it. We could not even play at school. Reason- One household near it do not give. He just cares about it. Now we can just play is walking an hour long and there as well with difficulties.

Our Country Nepal where people cheer when a person or a country wins. If we were they national players playing at those places, they would just support. But we were just a naughty fellows for them. We have a culture like discarding looser. But I think Looser’s are the real hero because they know the meaning of losing.


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