EmBlood – Life Saving Nepali Android App

Today we are going to review Nepali android app which is Emblood app and developed by  Techroadians Offshore Base. The project launched by Techroadians and they have done such an amazing job to save human lives through the android app and it’s really amazing concept as well.

There is saying,

Today’s blood donor may be the recipient of tomorrow. Even you may need blood in some critical condition so we can say that your blood can save your life.

EmBlood is a very simple application where users can search nearby blood donors and they can contact them for blood by sending a notification. So it’s quoted as a life-saving app. You can register yourself on Emblood and share your blood group and donate your blood to save others life.

Emblood has very simple and attractive UI (User Interface). It is a great android app which will help you to find blood donors nearby location and you can contact them. You will also get some health tips related to different diseases which will guide you about what to do? and what not to do? They also have included more about symptoms as well.

You can describe your condition to them and they will also provide you quick first aid guide. That’s the really awesome feature of this app.

EmBlood - Life Saving Nepali Android App
EmBlood - Life Saving Nepali Android App

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