Have you been waiting for Game of Thrones Season 7 right? If you are then that’s great your wish has been fulfilled just by HBO. That is not your wish only, mine as well. I’ve been waiting for that since that last season ended ha ha 🙂

So “Yes”, I’ve just watched Game of Thrones Season 7th first episode and surprised that something bad happened to some one. There are many characters that you have seen but one of the emerging characters is “Arya Stark”.

“The North remembers,” Best Said by Arya Stark, She is one of the favorite character and utters in what’s sure to go down as. We can consider that is the best HAPPENED to freys’.

By the way, the start of this season is really cold and tensed and more situational and there is no that much brawl because it’s just beginning.  The most unexpected moment is that when Arya shows up and clean houses like white walkers. Yes absolutely she showed up like a dead man and she did what she had to do to take revenge on Frey’s.

Arya Stark used her astonishing skill those which was acquired in the House of Black and Whites, she just slapped on Lord Walder Frey’s face and called a meeting of all the Frey males and took out an entire room of enemies with the help of very beautiful Toast.

If you are still confused why did that happen? It’s because Frey slaughtered Stark family on Red Wedding. That is why Frey’s on the list of Arya.

To be frank, I was really eagerly waiting for that moment because that was expected, not exactly sure about that are they going to Kill Arya soon? But they didn’t it’s still time for her to live little long I guess, I’m not sure about how much longer she has on this season but now I believe after 3rd or 4rt episode it will most probably an ending for her. That is my prediction because now may be on her list it’s Queen or another person it’s still unknown. She said queen but, I’m not sure what is going to turn up. If it’s queen then it will really hard for her to reach to that point where she can kill Queen.

Just waiting for the another episode to understand what is Going to happen further. Some of your predictions will match but not all because GOT team improvise every time.

Cheers, let me know your thoughts.

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