Facebook hacking and scams are growing more nowadays and many accounts are getting hacked.

Imagine that you wake up early in the morning, and you are checking your Facebook account but you couldn’t log on to your Facebook account. You are wondering about that why it is not loging.

As we all know Facebook is the world popular social networking site, there every people are sharing their personal information, official information, and many things. If your Facebook account is used hacked then what will happen you can’t imagine that. So you have to protect it from hackers and you have to make it more secure for this you have to follow below steps.

Strong Password to Stop Facebook Hacking

The password is the most important element for Facebook. So I would like to recommend you to don’t use below things on the password.
    • Date of Birth.
    • Phone Number.
    • You Name.
    • Wife Name.
    • Children Name, and such common things which hackers can easily guess.
To make your password strong use at least 8 – 10 characters long and Mixed of Uppercase, Lowercase, Special Characters, and Numbers.

Special Tips to Stop Facebook Hacking

  1. Tun on Secure Browsing and login notifications from Facebook Security.
  2. Don’t share your password with anyone
  3. Don’t get your news feed flooded with suspicious links.
  4. Add a secondary email ID to your account.
  5. Accept only that person you know.
  6. Changing password regularly and use the unique password.
These days Phishing is most widely used in Facebook hacking. To secure from this don’t enter your password anywhere except Facebook. Use WOT extension for your browser. That browser will help you to indicate the site, and that will provide you the information about the site.


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