Note: Major spoiler alerts read this article at your own risk. Those who already have watched leaked video of Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 that made them so much time to wait. And I’ve even got chances to talk with them and they mentioned regretting now. (I shouldn’t have watched leaked episode). That made me so much time to wait for another episode.

Let’s keep that aside and you can see that latest episode of game of thrones season 7 episode 5 eastwatch has been released. And I believe that many of you might have watched the episode. BTW there are many things happened, I’ve even been through all the leaked scripts and many other thoughts or fan theories, some of them are true and some of them are not exactly.

#1st Event As many of you predicted well Jaime is alive and well saved by Bronn. Jaime almost died but if you are the fans of Bronn then you should thank him that Jaime is alive for next episode.

jaime lannister

#2nd Event Tyrion was watching all over and taking & experiencing the wrath of Daenerys’s dragons. There is nothing he could do to stop Daenerys it’s because from Cersei’s side they allies got attacked they even lost many of their armies and allies. That is so sad for Daenerys and that made her mad to give Cersei a lesson.


#3rd Event The most amazing part Daenerys’s fans must love is that she confessed with the army of Cercei’s to convince them to fight from her side and bend the knee or die. That is the fact she has only one thing to do at that time, it’s war so as a leader or queen she must have to take a quick decision for peoples and she did that in this episode as well.

tyrion lannister

4th Event After the return of Denny, Jon even got fond of that dragon, not sure its that because of fear or is that because of some relation between them It will surely be revealed in upcoming episodes.

I’m sure that in upcoming episodes Jon will take one of Danny’s dragon for sure fight with the Night King.

Jon and Dragon

5th Event As expected and predicted Jorah Mormont is back for Danny, so it’s really great to see he is back for his queen. Let’s hope in upcoming episodes he will be used for his service. The main thing is that Sam cured him.

Jora Morment

6th Event Many of you are waiting for brawl and fight or war between Nights King and Jon with his allies. So it will surely happen soon or most probably we can say that it will happen in next season of Game of Thrones. Bran saw that they are almost there to Winterfell,

Army of Dead is Back

7th Event Sam looks frustrated and irritated at Citadel, he wants to help Jon and but in this episode, they almost discovered who exactly is Jon Snow but that frustration of Sam kept it again to be discovered. I’m damn sure they will discover in next episode because Sam took all the required things for study. Hope they will discover many things.


8th Event Littlefinger creating a misunderstanding between Arya and Sansa.  And he has plotted everything for both of them, I’m not sure what will happen but there will be something for sure Starks. If that is not for Starks then it will surely the death of Littlefinger.

9th Event Jon got not that Arya and Bran were alive and they are back to Winterfell. Now the problem is that Bran saw Night King on his path on the way to Winterfell. Jon talks all about returning to Winterfell but Danny refuses and Tyrion speaks of collaborating with Cersei. So for that, they really need to make her understand but for that Tyrion wants to meet Jaime after long.

10th Event Jon is back to Nights Watch and they gather men to hunt down one of the dead men. So they can prove it to Cersei that Army of Dead is for real.

There are many things happened in this episode of Eastewath. For more, you really need to watch the episode and explore it.


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