Ranking your content of the website is much important than anything else in Search Engine Optimization. Well organised and good SEO optimised contents are high ranked in the search engine and vice versa. There are so many ranking factors that can be utilised for search rankings. Readability is one of them. Google’s algorithm doesn’t take into account the indirect google ranking factor. However, it highly matches up with search rankings of Google.

What is Readability indirect google ranking factor?

Literally speaking, readability is the ease with which a user can understand the content. Readability depends on its easiness to read the statements. This includes vocabulary and syntax.

How To Measure Readability?

To find out the readability status of the content is not that difficult. There are numerous ways to find out the content’s readability. Flesch-Kincaid readability algorithm is popular and best among them. In the first place the basic theme of the algorithm is writing fewer syllables word and short sentences. Go through various readability score providing sites if you are planning to. The actual formula for finding readability score is:

Why Readability score important for SEO?

According to the research the first page of the SERP on average had the FK readability score of 55. And the results of the second page had the score of average 40. In other words, people mostly prefer to read simple and easy articles. To put it another way, readers feel easier to research search engine if contents are short and clean. As a result, this makes the visitors stay on the page for the longer period. And if the content is not fine to read, readers try to leave as soon as they come first.

Tips for increasing Readability Score

  • Make shorter and precise sentences.
  • Break longer paragraphs into shorter ones.
  • Write contents in conversational tones.
  • Use of straightforward words rather than tough ones. This will not help to increase the readability score. However, this helps readers easier to read.
  • Elaborate some examples and stories.
  • Use of levels of headings like h1, h2, h3, etc.
  • Make content attractive adding bold, italic, and underlines.

Generally speaking, to maintain your increased readability score and SEO optimised post you have to do is follow the rules above explained. Follow it. Follow it now. Increase your google rank. Sooner or later you will get what you dreamed of.


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