Gone are the days when people used to access essential services through offline mediums. Today most of the essential services are getting ported to digital networks and people are using them frequently (we still need to improve a lot in terms of quality and trust but yes we are doing good and are growing at respectable pace). Recently the government has come up with Digital India initiative that aims at setting right environment to promote and use electronic services across the country. Here we will discuss some of the initial impacts of D-India campaign and some future insights that can be extracted from it if delivered successfully.

Digital India Impacts and Future

Digital India was launched in 2015 and till date, we have seen good results so far. Talking about specific examples then we have seen improvement in IRCTC booking process which can now accommodate almost double users than it used to be once. The second example could be enhancements in online passport process. Talking about a few years back then it used to take around months (sometimes more than a month also) to get passport live in your hands. But today getting passports is not a tough deal anymore. You can easily get a live passport within weeks only. The government has eased the laws that help applicants with clearing the relevant stuff with better pace.

In coming future, we are going to see Digital India campaign’s impact on e-services like the birth certificate in India, PAN card, Aadhar cards etc. Concerned departments have already started working towards porting birth certificate related services to online portals and in coming years we will see a dedicated birth registration portal for every state in India. People will be able to apply for new birth certificates, checking its status and making any changes directly through online channels.

UIDAI Aadhaar Card is the most coveted scheme from the government that is getting completed in chunks. Once it covers the entire nation then we will be able to see real impact and power of the digital world. We will have everyone integrated with digital clouds where meaningful reports can be extracted from raw data. It will be further integrated with all essential services like bank accounts, subsidiary accounts etc which will help in curbing the corruption to its root.

All in all Digital India is going to make radical changes to everyone’s lifestyle in coming years. Do share your views here.


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