Marketing has become one of the crucial aspects of the every business. So for marketing social medias will play the great role to increase social media traffic. The most amazing thing is that many of you are using different social medias for communication you can also use them to increase your social media traffic. After search engine optimization social medias are one of the most important elements to increase traffic.

Social medias are vital parts of websites and blogs. Without them, you won’t have any blog traffic and ranking on Google as well. The most popular social medias are Facebook, Twitter, and there are lots of other social media those which are getting huge traffic per day and they will also help you to increase your social media traffic.

Increase Social Media Traffic

In this article, we are trying to cover some ideas to increase social media traffic. Just go deeply with below points.


Facebook is online social networking site which helps for communication. Facebook allows the user to put their information online and communicate with other friends as well as families. Facebook has lots of features like uploading and sending and this social networking site will help you to increase social media traffic to your blog or website.

It’s just the tough task to generate high and valuable traffic from Facebook to your website or blog. For traffic generation, you have to do lots of hard work you have to make your own standard.

It’s better to use Facebook to increase social media traffic because of Facebook has billions of active visitor per day. So here are the things that you have to do on Facebook.

  1. Make good and valuable friends on Facebook.
  2. Build a relationship with other bloggers.
  3. Create branded shareable images and share them on Facebook.
  4. Regularly update your Facebook.
  5. Create groups and join groups and share your articles on those groups.
  6. Create Facebook pages and try to get some likes for that page and invite your friends.
  7. Update information on your Facebook profile.
  8. Ask a question and reply by answering on your website.
  9. Do not automate your Facebook account with irrelevant information.
  10. Promote your Facebook page. It’s paid promotion way.


Twitter is the online social microblogging website and it’s the most popular social media website there are billions of standard active every day. If you use Twitter effectively then Twitter will help you to generate tons of web traffic to your blog or website.

It’s far better to drive traffic to blogs. It’s far better than Facebook to drive traffic.  To use Twitter you must have to be creative as well as pro-active.

You just have to write best out of the best Tweet to impress your followers. So here are the few things that you have to do while using Twitter to drive traffic to blog or website.

  1. Write eye catchy Tweet to impress.
  2. Share quotes with followers and they will re-tweet your quote.
  3. Short your links and share them on Twitter.
  4. Include your website links on the Twitter profile.
  5. One of the most popular ways to get traffic is by using #Hastag on twitter. The hashtag will help users to find your Tweet.
  6. Mentioning peoples can also help you to generate traffic.
  7. Retweeting others content.
  8. Ask and questions and reply them.
  9. Promote your Tweets


Stumbleupon is the online website where you can find and share recommended content and which will be beneficial for you as well as everybody.

Stumbleupon is just like blogs and where you have to create an account and have to share unique and great content with your readers. That is the only best way to generate traffic to your website.

Stumbleupon is one of the another best ways to generate traffic to blogs and websites. Stumbleupon is one of the best traffic generator websites among all the social medias. So here are the few things that you have to do to generate website traffic to your blog through Stumbleupon.

  1. To generate huge traffic from Stumbleupon you have to create new and unique content.
  2. Share best and valuable information for the recommendation.
  3. Try to get original stumbles.
  4. Share you content timely manner keeps regularity.
  5. Try to build a relationship with followers and build follower base to share your content.
  6. You can use paid services of Stumbleupon to get better views.
  7. Always focus on topics to get interaction.


Pinterest is the web and mobile application which helps to share photos online. It’s photo sharing online social networking site which can definitely help you to generate traffic through your Pinterest.

The user can share their images on the Pinterest site and even they can pin photos from their websites to Pinterest.

  1. Verify your Pinterest account.
  2. Put links on the Pinterest account.
  3. Share images from blogs or website with a caption.
  4. Try to increase followers and always be active on Pinterest.
  5. Create boards and share with others as well.


It’s Google’s Own product and which is also known as one of the most popular social sites. Every blog owner wants to get traffic to their websites. Google+ will be another most effective way to generate traffic because this has lots of active users as wells lots of features. 

There you will find communities and pages to share your blogs and websites. Google+ has an amazing user interface and it impresses users and to use.  

  1. Write eye catchy content on Google+
  2. Share direct link from your blog or website. 
  3. Create communities and Pages
  4. Join others communities as well as pages and share your links on the basis of category. 
  5. Use Hashtag on Google+ 
  6. Add links to your profile and about us page. 
  7. Use pictures and videos. 
  8. Embed your Google+ posts. 


Linkedin is the business-oriented social networking site which is most popularly used for professional networking. Linkedin especially focused on collecting information from users and display their information as professionally to others.

It is B2B oriented social website where people can build a relationship with others and other people can hire for their work & LinkedIn can be one of the best platforms for marketing

  1. Join Linkedin groups for better interaction.
  2. Share your blog posts strategically.
  3. Complete your profile and show links.
  4. Don’t post too many articles on Linkedin.
  5. Try to build good connections.
  6. Be active and Invite your friends.
  7. Create Linkedin group to share your as well others articles and blog posts.


In simple words, Reddit is social media’s news site. A user has to register to submit their articles on Reddit. Reddit has an awesome feature that is known as the most positive votes appears on the main page or the top of the category, which will directly gonna help you to drive huge traffic to your blog.

I bet Reddit will be the platform to share your multi-niche content as well as single niche content. It has each and every topic related category and it’s one of the flexible article sharing website. This post will give you the basic idea to generate traffic from Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter and there are other various social media sites which are very helpful while driving traffic.


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