Lenovo TAB3 8

This is the new tablet that was announced by Lenovo which has vertical shape before that Lenovo announced Lenovo TAB3 10, which is pretty awesome with its specifications and prices. There are few cons of Lenovo TAB3 8 which are known as it lacks camera autofocus and camera flash same as TAB3 10.

Let’s get into the specifications of Lenovo TAB3 8. It is a tablet which supports Android 6.0 it’s the latest version of Android and it’s weight is 329 gram has rugged splash resistant and it is also IP certified – IP 52. This comes in two color variation Black and White this can impress users and the both black and white version looks great.

The physical size of Tab3 8 is 8.0 inches and has 800×1280 resolution. It is less then Tab3 10 and this has low pixel density as compared to previous version 189 Ppi. The used technology is IPS LCD for display and it has only one feature that is a light sensor. The camera is fine with this tablet it comes with 5 megapixels rear with geo-tagging feature and camcorder feature and it also supports front facing camera has 2 megapixels.

This is the simple and affordable tablet for Lenovo users. It has MediaTek system chip along with quad-core 1000 MHz 64 bit processor. Lenovo TAB3 8 supports graphics processor and has 2GB random access memory. It’s built in storage is 16 GB and it’s expandable up to 64 GB. Its battery capacity is 4290 mAh it’s good for this tablet because it doesn’t have that much heavier equipment to take lots of charges.

This also supports some other features like other normal mobiles and tablets support. Data, Positioning, Bluetooth, WiFi etc. The price of this tablet is not huge because it doesn’t have the much heavier equipment and that many features it’s better for normals. The price of Lenovo TAB3 8 is $149 only So it is affordable and best.

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