What do Google+, Twitter, and Facebook have in common apart from being social media platforms? They are the perfect place for any tech-geek to get a sneak peek into what’s happening (I would have said “in the week” if I was a rapper, but I’m not) around them.

In fact, users of these three platforms have had a lot to read this month with regards to smartphones alone. Whether you’re looking for something “really, really black” or something so slim, it needs an attachment to bulk up a bit, here are the smartphones that have been spoken about more than Donald Trump’s campaign.

iPhone 7 Plus


Apple have always stood out as the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world, and even though many people didn’t agree with the claim of being the best, it looks like this time they truly have created something magnificent in the iPhone 7 Plus. With dual 12MP cameras on the back, a new and powerful A10 Fusion chipset, an official water resistant IP67 certification, an upgraded 2GB of RAM with a standard 32GB storage, a massive 256GB variant, a better battery, the latest iOS 10 software, and a new Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the iPhone 7 Plus has been creating a whole lot of a buzz in the online world. And the icing on the magnificent Apple cake is the two new color variants. Black and Jet Black.

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Samsung galaxy note 7

Once called the best smartphone in the world, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 has quite rapidly jumped from hero to a complete zero. People are now creating memes and GIF’s about the Note7’s exploding battery – and not in a way that will help Samsung increase their sales. The device is now being called “the $900 smart bomb” and has already been banned on various aircraft around the world. Even though Samsung has officially recalled all the units, the damage seems to be irreparable at this stage. But before the Note7 decided to burn down people’s carpets and cars, it was a really great device with features that were really innovative.

LG V20


LG created a huge amount of hype with the modular design in their G5. That hype was carried over to the V20, but sadly the modular design didn’t hit the latest model; the V20. Nevertheless, the device itself is pretty great at what it does. It houses a dual camera setup on the back which is one of its main attractions, but the reason people are talking about the device is because of one thing, and one thing alone. The V20 is the first smartphone to launch with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. That’s right, LG beat Google’s very own Nexus devices in the race to have the latest software, and that is what excites the masses.

OnePlus 3


From the time OnePlus entered the market, they have been the talking point for more than a few million smartphone enthusiasts around the world. But it was their newest addition; the OnePlus 3 that made the most amount of conversation. The reason behind this? Oh, nothing much apart from the insanely ginormous 6GB RAM that it packs. Yes, that’s 6 whole gigabytes of game pushing, lag destroying, blistering multitasking RAM. The OnePlus 3 is the first smartphone to house a RAM that big and it will always be remembered for that – apart from its more than impressive specs.

Moto Z


Skinny is the new sexy, right? Well Motorola, or Lenovo, or Lenovo Moto (still not sure how to address the company), has introduced a device that knows how to perform and look like a supermodel at the same time. The Moto Z is the world’s slimmest premium smartphone. How slim? Amazingly, the device is just 5.19mm thin, but that size doesn’t limit the performance of the Z. With its 4GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, the Moto Z is a smartphone that gives its users an experience like no other. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The Z is the second modular design smartphone that comes with MotoMods that fit onto the back and around the exceedingly protruding camera bump.

So, if you have been online this month and have been wondering why the public have been talking about these above-mentioned smartphones – now you know. With stand-out features that make them unique in more ways than one, these devices know how to get the people’s attention. And if all else fails, they just blow up. Either way, the five smartphones mentioned here will definitely get your attention.

Bio: This is Bhaskar Das, I am passionate and optimistic about digital marketing and also a part time blogger.


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