Setting up the background

Before jumping into the SEO leads to let’s just set up the background. Let’s just go far from today’s modern technology and imagine how the vendors used to sell the foods, clothing and other indispensable products in the streets and you wanted one of those items from them. For example, suppose you arrive at a place where plenty of vendors are selling their products and services (for example, Panipuri). You hear one of the vendors yelling to sell Panipuri, you head towards that vendor to buy Panipuri. But what you actually notice reaching the place is that there are more than one vendors selling Panipuri. They try to sell Panipuri by convincing you. You have choices, they have gotten your attention and ultimately you go with the one that suits you and have your attention.

Now you might wonder that how the above example is relevant to SEO Leads. But sure it does. At the present time, the same process happens online and in a more advanced and sophisticated manner. A search engine, for instance, Google act as the street that you walk in for the search. And the businesses that show up in the search engines are like the vendors of Panipuri that strives for the buyer’s attention. The vendor may be a physical store or business online.

You can do your business online without screaming the whole day by doing the search engine optimization. Using SEO as a major tool, your business can be visible among the leading pages of Google SERPs.

A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service in some way, shape, or form.

Why SEO Leads are Important for Your Business

Suppose if you have some appropriate rank on search engines, your business can earn some free traffic from this along with decent SEO leads. SEO leads could help your business to gain potential long term customers.

Not clear? Let’s play with another example.  Suppose you own a business of online books sales. You can reach the first page of the search engine by performing a quality SEO and other things doing correctly as synchronized with the search engine rules. Gradually as you show up in the search engine, customers and searchers get more exposure with your books content online. Your business area of online books becomes strong day by day. The SEO leads turn into potential customers because they believe in your service and they think that you are providing exactly what they are looking for.

Along with SEO Leads, Local Citations matter much to your business.

Harish Chand Thakuri is the co-founder of DigitalAmple and SEO Analyst. He shares his blogging and creative writing insights at He is good in programming and video editing. Harish also loves travelling and photography.


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