Sony Xperia M5 Specifications


Sony unveiled new and latest high-end smartphone Sony Xperia M5. Sony Xperia M5 offering advances in camera quality and resolution performance and it’s designed also really beautiful.

This is also another great selfie phone. If you wanna take the selfie then you need a great camera, in this mobile you are getting great camera feature for capturing best selfies. Means here you are getting 13 Megapixels front camera with flash and lots of other features like autofocus and etc.

If you don’t, believe me, Sony Xperia M5 came with great camera features its rear camera is 21.5 megapixels, this is really great and it also has LED flash and lots of other great features. And you can also get too close with your best seen, here you are getting 5x Zoom. It’s enough for smartphones.

Xperia M5 is great with features and it’s screen it’s screen size is 5.0 inches, high-resolution display 1080×1920 pixels). And it has extremely high-end pixel density screen over 430ppi.

Xperia M5 powered by an 8-core processor and lots of RAM (Random Access Memory) 3072 MB RAM. And it supports 4G fast data support and water -resistant phone.

Features of Sony Xperia M5

  1. Water Dust Resistant
  2. Supports Android 5.0 operating system
  3. Physical size 5.0 inches
  4. Resolution 1080×1920 pixels
  5. Pixel density 441 PPI
  6. Rear camera 21.5 megapixels with LED flash and 13 megapixels front camera.
  7. Powered by MediaTek Helio X10MT6795
  8. Processor 8 -core ARM cortex.
  9. 3GB RAM
  10. Built in storage 16 GB and you can expand up to 200 GB.
  11. Battery backup 2600 mAh
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