Blogger’s life “Yes” you will surely face many ups & downs and the same thing happen to Ryan Biddulph as well, after knowing his story I would like to mention that he has faced “even worse” but he stood up against all things and survived.

Truly it requires so much of hard work and patience to achieve success without having these qualities it will be difficult for all to survive. You might have a different style of blogging and be doing your work but these two are key points that require in every work not only in blogging. These two are the key factors that helped him to achieve and maintain consistent success in his life. Just go through Ryan’s journey and you will get to know more about him in this interview.

Bio of Blogger

  • Name: Ryan Biddulph
  • Age: 42
  • Blogger/Author:
  • Contact: Bloggingfromparadise FB
  • Current Location: NYC

Can you tell us about yourself and how did you first get into blogging? Any future plans for your blog and in future where do you hope your blog will take you.

Ans: I am an island hopping pro blogger who got into blogging after realizing I wanted to work for myself. I had worked long, hard hours as a security guard, and tired of trading time for money, so I bought my domain and hosting and started learning about blogging.

As for my blog, I want to keep having fun, guest posting like a machine, publishing comments on top blogs and reaching as many folks as possible through interviews like these so I can help more bloggers live their dreams.

What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a blogger? Any strategy you follow for creating visibility for yourself and your blog?

Ans: Having fun and being free to travel the world. I love writing and I love blogging, so the work is the reward. All the freedom I experience by setting up my own schedule and calling the shots is just icing on the cake, but it feels good knowing I can see some amazing spots around the world without needing to take vacation days.

Guest posting and blog commenting are my 2 favorite strategies for improving my visibility.

What do you think the most difficult part about blogging? Do you find any difficulties regarding blogging services, market or anything that you would like to mention?

Ans: No big time difficulties for me now but way back in the day, I was so full of fear that I obsessed over blogging for money – just to get food on the table, and to put a roof over my head – and this fear killed my blogging campaign for a bit.

I don’t find blogging difficulties now after deciding to blog mainly for fun, after embracing and feeling my fears, after treating blogging like a skill, learning it and practicing my writing, and after following these steps over the course of years.

Any blogging platforms that you would like to suggest to your fans or readers? Is there any strategy or blogging style that you follow to entertain your readers.

Ans: is my favorite for branding and monetizing potential. I feel it is a cut above other platforms for bloggers who plan to do this blogging bit full time.

As for strategies, tell your personal stories and solve your reader’s problems. I tell my travel stories and link these tales – which are true, by the way – to blogging, drawing analogies to teach folks blogging lessons.

Your life stories make you stand out from the crowd. Tell of your wins and losses. Shares your dreams. Like 2 no snowflakes are alike, no 2 humans, or their stories, are alike, so tell your story and integrate your personality into your blog, to entertain your readers and to stand out from the crowd.

Do you find any frustrating aspect of blogging? Or Any failure that changed your life or Any achievement that keeps you motivated for blogging or for anything.

Ans: No frustrations now, but many years ago, I feel a few moments helped me change my course. Namely, running out of money LOL. When I appeared to lose everything I also lost the terror/fear of losing my money. It happened. I survived. I did not starve to death nor die from shame.

When I set out to grow my blog after these rough financial events, I was not burdened by the fear of losing money or being ashamed, so I was able to blog from a loving, generous, clear and confident space, which helped me succeed online and build an awesome brand too.

I don’t do motivation; I follow my inspiration. I love blogging, and helping folks, and writing, so since these energies come from within, I never need to look outside of myself for motivation.

There are many in society or in a family they criticize bloggers. Do you take those seriously or never heard any of those criticize about you. Any advice for handling criticism?

Ans: I have heard plenty of criticism over the years, from family and from society. When I was a newbie blogger, these criticisms hurt me. But I eventually realized that critical people are projecting their problems on you, meaning, they are unhappy in some area of their life, and instead of owning it, they criticize you, trying to take out their pain on you.

I ignore critics now because I know they are suffering, and unhappy, and I don’t want to want to kick them when they are down. I just let them go and move on, if I can, or if they are family, I minimize my interactions with them, because my life and my dreams are more important than anything.

I also spend virtually every second of my time with loving, supportive, kind individuals who I meet online and offline. The more awesome folks you connect with, the more quickly critics fade away, in your life.

Do you realize that blogging market size has become hypersonic? So what do you think blogging will live forever? or It will vanish like an old Radios and TVs.

Ans: Blogging is here to stay, as long as people enjoy having a platform to share their thoughts online, because people will always follow those who share their thoughts, who solve problems and who empower people to live their dreams.

A lot of things have changed, now there are millions of bloggers how seriously you take blogging in your life. Do you believe that it was easy to start a blog in 2010 and compete or it’s now? What are the differences then and now?

Ans: Blogging has evolved in that now – as opposed to say, 2010 – you need to be a student of blogging, which is a great thing. No more gaming Google with crappy black hat techniques. Now, like offline businesses, you need to learn and practice your blogging skills for year, to succeed, which is how it should be. This will help the general public take blogging more seriously; when they see skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate people succeeding with blogging, this platform will be more accepted and embraced by the general public.

Most of the people consider that blogging is difficult that it requires different fields knowledge and even for competition it’s really difficult for new bloggers because they simply don’t know about Marketing, SEO, and New Technologies. What do you think does it all requires at the first point? Any advice for new bloggers.

Ans: Follow your passion, first and foremost, then pick 1-3 successful blogging tips bloggers, and study their posts, buy their products, hire them, and keep practicing your blogging skills.

It takes time to learn blogging, and marketing, and how to create content and how to find your writing voice. Be a student of blogging, practice, and learn from the best.

Must you have determined your goals right? So What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?

Ans: I am not focused on legacies, or goals.

I blog to spread love, to have fun, to help others and to travel the world. If you take care of those things, you will live your dreams through blogging.

Final words any survival kit that you would like to mention.

Whatever you can talk about all day long, blog about it. Take that topic and tie it to some pressing problem, or to some solution that empowers your readers to live their dreams. Do this and you will always have fuel for your blogging journey.



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