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Top 10 Nepali Android Apps for Nepali Users

Smartphone users are also thriving in Nepal. So today we have listed some the most important and valuable Nepali Android Apps for Nepali readers.

Similarly, Nepali Tech industry is also producing lots of products and one the main is App development industry and there are some of the Nepali Android Apps are doing really good and some are in the still beta stage.

In Nepal there are lots of Android apps were developed yet and some of them are doing good and some are working fine. So today we collected some of the popular Nepali apps that you might love to use.
So let’s start now from the bottom to top approach. It will be better to categories all the apps and they are listed according to categories.

#10 – polyTricks – Run Neta Run

polyTricks is the android game developed by Nepalese programmes that append the political, social, cultural and natural aspects of Nepal. polyTricks comes with the new challenges daily with different levels. The graphics are awesome with dancing music while playing. If this application is done with more updates then it would be a stupendous app. You can have fun with your friends.
polyTricks - Run Neta Run

#9 – Call Break

Call Break is one of the most addictive game of Spider Solitaire developed Nishes Joshi. While playing you will find leadership boards and achievements. Exceptional UI and menus is another favourite good thing about Call Break.

#8 – Nepali Patro

Nepali Patro - Android AppNepali Patro is a reliable application that helps you with the important dates and festivals for Nepali users.

The fundamental feature of Nepali Patro is that the application can be using Nepali Unicode and English language both.

You can find different widgets. Date conversion, horoscopes, calculator, and various events are other features.

#7 – Hamro Dictionary – Offline

This is the first Nepali dictionary that is available offline. Hamro Dictionary is both ways dictionary i.e. Nepali-English & English-Nepali dictionary.

For entertainment, you can play Hangman. The offline search in Nepali is the main feature. You will get the tip as the tip of the day.

#6 – nLocate

nLocate for finding locationsnLocate helps you to find the nearby places that you are searching for. The size of nLocate is less that is why this app is preferred.

The results produced by this perfectly developed application is highly accurate. This locates mostly the hospitals, banks & ATMs, hotels, gas stations.

The another use of this application is that locates the cinema halls and theaters and shows the show times. It will spot the maps. The most recent searches using this app saves offline and is used later.

#5 – EmBlood

EmBlood Life Saving AppEmBlood is my favourite application that new and most useful in our life. TechRoadians is the developer of EmBlood which is a reputed IT company established in Nepal.

It is quoted as ‘life-saving app’. And yes it is. It alerts with the blood search notification. The sharing feature has made it mammoth because this is helpful in the case of emergency.

Emblood can help to save your life as well. So start sharing your blood group & donate as well. Sometimes you may need your own blood.

#4 – eKantipur

This is the most popular Nepali app in the field of news. This news portal app is created by Kantipur Media Group.

This application eases people that have an interest in the news. It provides the news from all around the world. The major use of this app is to provide with the updated news and accuracy.

#3 – eSewa

eSewa for online paymenteSewa, also referred as the mobile wallet is the application that is useful through the online payment of the money, It contributes with the services like VISA Prepaid Card and Payout Agent.However, the eSewa account can be recharged through The Internet and mobile banking. This application is developed by F1 soft. The other services facilitated by eSewa are:
  • Wallet to wallet
  • Bank to Wallet,
  • Wallet to Bank,
  • Wallet to Remittance transactions.

#2 – Nepal Loadshedding Schedule

Nepal Loadshedding Schedule

This is the most popular and useful that is ever made. This app was built through the deep inquiry and surveying the societies.

The load shedding dilemma of Nepalese people is admitted in making of this wonderful application. It regularly updated as per the changes in the schedule.

This application is developed by Chandra/Eliza Shrestha.

#1 – Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro is also a useful application that is being utilized by every group of people. It constitutes the calendar, important dates.Hamro Patro Android App

News, radio, load shedding schedule, torchlight, horoscopes, foreign exchange rates (FOREX), Hamro Keyboard, Current rates of Gold and silver, videos related to news, eCard, Nepali Dictionary, Photos, Hamro Facebook, and much more. Therefore, Hamro Patro is a multitasking application.

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