Top 9 Cloud Storage Services of 2016

Cloud storage services are getting more popular these days and very significant to share the file directly with different accessible to people.

Nowadays lots of people are using cloud storage services to protecting their files as well as saving their files from damage. Cloud storage services mean storing files on web space to share with different people and securing them.

It’s the model of saving your digital data on digital space. Nowadays lots of business organizations are using cloud storage service to provide instant access to the important files as well as assignments and Cloud Storage Services are performing really great in sharing data.

#1. Google Drive

Google Drive is free cloud storage service provided by Google. Where you can share your files and documents with people through their mailing service.

It’s will give you 15GB space free for storage and it also different kinds tools to manage and save your tile while working online and sharing them. They have provided different tools and one of the most popular is office suite.

#2. Dropbox

Dropbox is another popular cloud storage service and file hosting services provided by American company where you can share pictures, files, folder.

You can even connect with handy devices and you can upload your valuable files on Dropbox to save them. It will give you 2GB storage space for basic users and you can grow your storage by referring new users or you can buy storage space.

#3. Mega

Nowadays one of the most valuable and trustable in the market is Mega cloud storage service. Because it provides huge cloud storage space to their users. Mega is best known for keeping security and credentials.

It is supportable on all the handy operating systems like Android, Apple, Blackberry etc. It’s New Zealand based company for best cloud file hosting.

#4. Box

The box is most widely used for the private purpose and business purpose. Because business information and private personal information must be kept in secret and they are aware of their user’s security.

You can access your files from your handheld device as well as desktop devices. It will provide you 10GB space for storage, for more space you need to buy the premium version. Another best feature of the box is that it enables you to comment on files.

#5. MediaFire

You might have heard about MediaFire. It’s simply known as file synchronizing and file hosting service. Where you can host your files and folders. They will backup your all the data and secure them.

They will provide you 10GB and after that you can upgrade up to 50GB space on MediaFire. Lots of software development company, as well as business companies, are using MediaFire to share files. Currently, they are providing handheld device downloadable support and desktop application download support.

#6. iCloud

iCloud service is for Apple subscribers. It’s one of the reliable and very efficient online storage service for Apple users.

So initially it comes with the 5 GB free space and has to pay £2.49 per month for 200 GB, £6.99 per month for 1 TB.

Apple allowed you to save any of your document even if that document has nothing to do with the Apple application. You can now even share your files between the apps so you can make chart and put it in presentation

#7. pCloud

pCloud is the cloud storage service which will protect your files online. pCloud provides 10GB storage space for new users.

It also offers plans like Dropbox has, you can refer your friends and increase your storage capacity on pCloud. You can even complement some pCloud tutorials and you can earn more storage capacity. pCloud storage service is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android through its website.

#8. SugerSync

SugerSync is one of the flexible cloud storage service which is available for mobile devices in a different variation. You can share your files through Android devices and Apple devices as well.

It will give trial service for 90 days and after that, you have to take premium service to storage and synchronize your files. It’s similar to Dropbox and some other cloud storage services but it has different plan and policies.

#9. OneDrive

OneDrive is the storage service provided by Microsoft for their users. Because they used to provide 25GB of cloud storage for their users but they have reduced to 15GB.

It’s one of the most popular because it also supports different tools to work with like office suites as well lots of other tools.

And unlimited storage of you signs up for the Office 365. OneDrive has the modern UI design of Microsoft. You cannot ignore the capability of OneDrive.

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