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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I write about?

We are the multi-niche website and you can write about anything that you are interested in sharing about. It may be tech, gadgets, news, cooking, fashion, lifestyle, life hacks sports, cricket, football, games, computer, hacking etc…

How can you earn?

It’s really simple, we will allow you to place your affiliate links inside the links or banners. With the help of those affiliate links or banners, you can earn a commission.

More, as we grow we will surely add the feature to pay our writers on monthly basis.

Can you repost that article?

No, not at all, we prefer unique and new article so it will be better to maintain copyright and you don’t have permission to publish that article on others as well as your own blog.

How long should my posts be?

Please do care about SEO factor and your lengthy post about your topic. That means we wanted to you publish 600-900 words article and it will be better if you can publish more than that.

Do I have permission to include links?

Yes, we do give permission but it must be the valid keyword and relevant link on an article. Please always insert the links which can help users to interact readers.

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