Are you planning for a YouTube sensation? Or you want to upload any random YouTube video and increase the popularity by just refreshing the page? No that’s not the way it works. So you must be wondering about how the YouTube  counts its views.

How Does YouTube Video Counts Views?

During the initial days of YouTube, a view used to be calculated whenever any video was loaded. This became vague since anyone during that period used to reload their video time after time to increase the views. This made easy for anyone to become YouTube sensation since YouTube used to show the most viewed videos on its homepage.

Therefore to reduce the shortcut way to increase the views on YouTube, YouTube came up with the new strategy. Until 300 views on any YouTube video you view, the count is calculated same as before. However after crossing over 300 views, it will track down the repetitive hits on the video from the location you click. That is, it will not affect the view count anyway. Organic YouTube views are preferred.

When views count is up to 300, it does not matter to YouTube. However, if the count hits 301, count freezes. It means the views that come from the outsource are verified.  They check if the views are real and not fake. YouTube analysts check on this. They check the source of the views hits. If the consecutive views come from the similar location, they are discarded.

Do not worry if your views are freeze because it does affect any of your views or likes and dislikes of your video. You are monetized from your video no matter if your video views are frozen. Once your views are verified from analysts, your views automatically start increasing and you are famous then.

Harish Chand Thakuri is the co-founder of DigitalAmple and SEO Analyst. He shares his blogging and creative writing insights at He is good in programming and video editing. Harish also loves travelling and photography.


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