10 Steps – DIY Wedding Invitations You can Do



Weddings are notoriously expensive, especially in today’s culture. Even the small details, like favors and table placement cards, can cost a small fortune. No one wants to sacrifice their wedding budget on things they don’t need, and the DIY route is a great option for the more fiscally inclined. Be warned: doing something yourself doesn’t always mean the end product will be cheaper. With some careful planning, you can still make some incredible invitations. Here are some steps beginners can take to get started.

  1. Budget

When it comes to weddings the budget (and love!) is king . Far too many couples have gone over their wedding budgets, resulting in an enormous amount of stress as they attempt to shuffle dollars around. If they can’t come up with the extra cash, they might have to sacrifice the honeymoon! So, before getting started on your invitations, decide how much you’re willing to spend on them. Don’t forget the postage fees!

  1. Number

Obviously, you’ll need to know the number of guests you intend to invite. This might even be the time you reconsider your guest list, since even cutting a few people (who were unlikely to come anyway) can add some flexibility where your money is concerned.

  1. Research

There are lots of resources online for making your own wedding invitations, many of them free. You can also check out examples from other engaged couples to gather inspiration as far as fonts, color schemes, and designs.

  1. Color Scheme

Your color scheme is likely one of the first aspects of your wedding that you settle on, since it can dictate so many other choices. Check out color palettes on sites like Pinterest to see how well colors go together as well as some examples of products. You may want to consider the season, as well as the availability of certain colors. You may love how they look together, but later find that your color choices are elusive or more expensive when it comes to the products you need in stores and online.

  1. Theme

You can take your color scheme up another level by adding a theme. A theme can help guide your design choices by narrowing your options to a more desirable number (say goodbye to that overwhelming terror of the craft aisles). While not strictly necessary, a theme can make the whole event feel more cohesive.

  1. Block Out Time

Invitations need to be sent out during a specific time frame if you want your day to secure a spot in someone’s busy schedule, so your invitations shouldn’t be left to the last minute. You may be able to knock them out during an afternoon, but a more complicated design or certain materials will require more time. For example, mod-podge needs time to dry and cure, during which it absolutely needs to be left alone. Block out some time in your schedule so you can take your time and stay relaxed.

  1. Supplies

You could be dealing with a number of different materials, and you might have to hunt around to find them in more than one place. You could be dealing with different types of paper, inks, glues, calligraphy pens, flowers, or even wax and wax stamps. Some craft stores or sellers will have bulk deals, which is what makes the Wholesale Wedding Superstore such a great option. Know how much you need going in so that you don’t come up short later on.

  1. Tools

Choose your tools for your project wisely. The right adhesives, pens, stamps, and other items could be the difference between a beautiful, classy wedding invitation and a mess that looks like you bribed a kindergartener to slap stuff together. Don’t be afraid to buy extras of your supplies and experiment first. Get used to handling the materials and using tools. This is a great time to develop a system for your DIY invitation process, which will help you work more quickly.

  1. Consult a Friend

If you have no background in any type of design, you may want to consult someone who does at any point of the DIY process. They can help you figure out what looks good or not, hopefully before you spend too much time and money on your project. Also, if you’re working by yourself, you might want to consider showing your ideas to your fiancé at some point. It is a day for the both of you, after all.

  1. Sending them Out

Once you’ve crafted all of your gorgeous wedding invitations, it’s time to send them out. Along with the invitation, you should send an RSVP card (it is customary to include postage). Want to stay organized? Here’s a tip: number your RSVP cards to quickly and easily keep track of which ones get sent back. The little extras like hand lettering and wax seals can add a thoughtful little touch that will not only remind your guests of the wedding, but get excited to see what else you have in store.

The invitations are often the first hints about the wedding to come for your expectant guests. Despite the stressful expectations, you don’t have to splurge to come up with something lovely. Check out sites like this one to get the inspiration flowing, then jump into the process. Bask in your own creativity and feel accomplished at making something so important with your own two hands, all for your special day. 

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