13 Reasons AdSense not Approving

Every blogger’s dream is to get AdSense approved and make some good money. Each and every blogger thinks for AdSense at the first stage. This is one of the most popular and reliable ways to make money from the blog. Most of the bloggers suffering  because AdSense not Approving their blog. Due to some reasons that we are going to explain in this article.

Well, AdSense not Approving each blog because AdSense has some criteria to get approval. If you measure there are the countless blogger out there and they apply for AdSense every day and doesn’t get approved from AdSense. Those who meets criteria and standards and those who follow their rules they only get a chance of getting AdSense approval.

Reasons Adsense not Approving

There are some reasons that Google is not approving your blog. Here we are going to list it out and before going that you must have to read AdSense terms and conditions privacy and policies then only Apply for Google AdSense.That is the only way to get AdSense approval.

#1. Use of Many Ads Network

Each and every blogger wants to make money from their blog but they don’t keep calm from the beginning of their blogging they start advertising through different third party ads services.

This is not exactly good while applying for Google AdSense. You don’t have to use many ads network, it means you can use valid and few ads network and before applying for AdSense you should have to remove all third party ads network.

#2. Copied Content

This is another biggest reason that you are not getting approval, I am not going to explain this topic more because when you heard the copied content title that time it triggers’s you each and every aspect of copied contents. So my only suggestion doesn’t copy content and you will get approval if you continue then #Never. 

Copied Content: Stop dreaming about money making from your blog through Google AdSense.

#3. Copied Images

There is the product of Google which is named as Google Images where you will find different categories of images.

There you will get indexed blog images of your blog. So simply I want to suggest you that do not copy images. This is the one of the most probable reason that you are not getting approved.

#4. Low Volume of Posts

Google AdSense also measures the volume of posts in terms of how many? This will be the another most popular reason.

You have to publish huge articles to get approved from AdSense. Normally they are approving those blog which has great content on their blog. It means, at least, you have to publish 50-80 articles to get approved.

#5. Consistency Measure

After doing all of the above things that the most important thing is the consistency. You have to update your regularly.

It means you have to publish your content timely manner. If you are not doing this then don’t expect you will get approval. So try to be consistent and regular.

#6. Domain Type and Age

Well, if you are still using subdomains or or any subdomain than its very tough to get approval these days.

That’s before 2012 all the domains are getting approval after 6 months. Now that 6 months also doesn’t matter to Google AdSense so for that you have to take the high-level domain and apply after at least 6 months.

#7. Blog Content

I have already explained #2 – Copied content, #3- Copied images and #4- Volume of Posts. But blog content means an overall measure of the blog.

If you have single niche blog and you have at least 50+ you may get approved because it’s single niches blog where user and visitor may get satisfied because they will get what they are looking for and it’s better for Advertisement and your blog is multi-niche then it may take little bit more time you need to publish sufficient articles for each and every category.

#8. Age Verification

The age criteria for AdSense is above 18 and make sure that before applying for AdSense your age must be 18 on the form. If you are not above 18 then you can’t make money. So put your age or date of birth above 18 years.

#9. Address Verification

The address is one of the key concern of Google AdSense, they want you to put the valid address to verify your blog.

It’s all about the trust factor, If you got approval then they will send you the verification code, pin number or cheque for payment. So it requires a valid address.

#10. Low Volume of Traffic

If you are not publishing good content then you will not get good traffic and if you are not getting good, unique and organic traffic then it’s impossible to get AdSense approval.

So share new and great content and share with social medias and generate huge traffic before applying for AdSense.

#11. Article Lenght

You have to write long articles up to 800-1500 to get Adsense approval under 50+ posts. It’s one of the key concern.

If you are not writing articles up to 800-1500 words then it may take huge time to get approval. There are lots of people those who are posting 300-500 words article.

So make sure that your article must be above 800 words.

#12. SEO, Low Article Indexed on Search Engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is one of the most important factors for every blog and every blogger has to keep in mind that their blog must be search engine friendly.

If not then stop thinking of Google AdSense. If your blog is submitted to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and etc. That will help you to get approval faster.

For that, you need to optimize your blog. Some factors are loading time, article length, keyword research and etc…

#13. Lack of Professional Blog Design

Do not ever use unprofessional blogger theme, If you are still using bloggers default themes then you just need to switch. Just find new responsive and fast loading blogger template and install it on your blog. So that can help you to make your blog professional and they may approve you.

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