4 Brands With RTX 3080 Laptops In 2022

RTX 3080 Laptops

Graphic cards (GPUs) continue to improve, which makes keeping up with the future increasingly challenging. The top of the market in 2022 is the RTX 3080 from Nvidia, the masters of graphics. Almost all major laptop manufacturers have released powerful gaming laptops loaded with the RTX 3080 GPU. However, demand is high, and it can be difficult to find stock, which is why we’ve gathered together the best brands to follow and introduce you to a handful of RTX 3080 laptops. 


Lenovo has made a name for itself as the world’s go-to budget computer manufacturer, and they don’t let the lower prices interfere with quality products. When it comes to Lenovo RTX Gaming Laptops, the Legion 5 is loaded with the RTX 3080. To complement the powerful GPU, the Legion is packed with a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor, which makes gaming a breeze. If you’re looking to play games at 1080p, you can expect to receive an output of up to 140 fps, which is above average for gamers. 


Alienware, the gaming child of Dell, has a couple of different choices when it comes to the RTX 3080 GPU. However, the Alienware X17 is arguably the best on the market. The design of this laptop is pretty cool, with a unique sci-fi theming that’s in line with the branding. Working in conjunction with the Nvidia RTX 3080 is a powerful Intel i9 CPU, which is one of the most powerful on the market right now. There’s no denying that this Alienware laptop is incredible, but there are cheaper options that will deliver just as much quality. 


MSI is one of the most renowned computer gaming brands, so it comes as no surprise that there’s an enormous line-up of RTX 3080-loaded laptops. In our opinion, the MSI GP66 Leopard outshines other MSI laptops and packs a huge punch in performance. When you look beneath the surface, you will find an i7 CPU to support the RTX 3080. This is a less powerful CPU than Alienware’s i9, but it grants similar performance levels at a lower price point, which is a win for MSI. However, the storage capacity is only 512 GB, which means you may need an external hard drive to fit all of your games. 


Asus creates quality gaming laptops under the TUF Gaming and Republic of Gamers (ROG) lines, and they’re both incredible. However, if the RTX 3080 is on your must-have list, then we suggest waiting around for the ROG Strix Scar, which competed well with other laptops on the market. Turning away from Intel, Strix relies on an AMD Ryzen 9 chipset to support the GPU, which delivers phenomenal gaming speeds. 

The gaming landscape has reached a point where 1440p+ resolutions can be reached on a laptop, and the Nvidia RTX 3080 is leading the way. With demand high, almost all manufacturers have released powerful gaming laptops with this GPU onboard, but you will need to monitor online shops if you want to get your hands on one.

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