4 Features to know Before Doing Facebook Marketing

2018 has been an amazing year for digital business and digital world. There has been the creation of new helpful apps that aids you in pushing your business forward. The platform and avenue social media marketing has created has been a huge one. A good number of small apps are currently evolving and introducing small and big innovations to make its users a returning person. Ever heard of Facebook marketing? sounds nice(uhn). Well, fasten your seatbelts as I take you through a spectacular journey today.

Features to know Before Doing Facebook Marketing


Have you noticed the cool effect Facebook reactions have on business worldwide? This new change can help you take record of how a user sees your product or business. This feature is borne out of the Like normal button only that it performs a lot better than the Like button.

What is it?

There are about 6 alternatives to the Like button which help you express yourself more through ‘reaction’ to what you see/read. You can express a clearer emotion through these options which are: HAHA, WOW, and LOVE, ANGRY, SAD, and ANGRY.

For instance, a pal of yours lost a friend and shared it on their status update. The former option available was to either click Like (which does not fit this context) or just Comment on the post. Well, not anymore. You can do more than that now.

Why is it important?

As a digital marketer, it offers you the chance to analyze the results more closely and accurately rather than having to rely on tools of analyzed comments and specific words. You have 5 additional ways of getting data based on user’s responses and altering content to get more likes, Love, annoying, Haha etc.


Facebook Search has been working really hard to keep its users from moving off the platform to ‘Google something’ they saw on Facebook.

Why is it important?

This evolution now demands that you create unique and precise content as a digital marketer at the same time. As a marketer, you need to understand the benefits of optimizing your content to ensure they show up higher in Facebook Searches now! This might come across as an added issue after SEO for websites to rank higher on Google Search.


FB introduced an update some time back which plays videos ‘automatically. This feature might look little, but has increased Facebook Video Views to more than 8 Billion on a daily basis! Isn’t that great?

Want to know the best part?

FB users were hungry for video watching and ‘The Big Blue Algorithm’ just came in time–it decides the kind of videos they might like to watch. This is why an attractive video must be kept in mind if truly you want to gain more ground and attract more customers with your videos. Facebook videos and YT videos do not work in a similar way. In fact, YouTube is centered on video discovery whereas Facebook is all about Video Curation.

Why is it important?

Videos have always been one of the biggest shareable content on FB. Getting people hooked on your videos through engagement with reactions, Sharing will even get them hooked to be more hooked on the content.

Here is a quick fact – Facebook records a new view after 3-seconds but YouTube records his every 30 seconds. So, a shorter and more precise video for FB will get you the result you want.


FB has first launched its Gray Tick badge to local brands and stores in the US but has now made it available worldwide to business owners. With brands going crazy for the elusive Blue Tick badge so they can present themselves as verified, Facebook might just be presenting an option for the local brands which cater to a smaller audience in a specific set of locations only.

Why is it important to Facebook marketing?

This is also known as a Verified Badge by Facebook and it is very critical that any marketer who wants to make his or her brand stand out in search engine make sure there is this badge on their page.

Facebook marketing today has become one of the most exciting platforms in the digital world. Hope you enjoyed our post? Do you think we missed something? Do comment below and we’ll be happy to add it!

Have a great day!

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