5 Booming Industries in Nepal and how they can use SMS Marketing

Since the advent of modernization and industrialization in Nepal, we have witnessed setting up new industries in various sectors. There’s no doubt that they are progressing in their own space but with the help of SMS marketing, they can uplift their growth in double speed.

SMS marketing helps them to reach a larger audience inviting their customers to buy their product or service. SMS marketing is very easy to use that does not even require technical training. Just upload contact list, write your text message and send your message to target contacts.

Let’s take a closer look at the industry that is worth watching at the moment and how can they benefit from SMS Marketing?

#1 Tech Industry

It is no surprise that tech is in the top of the list with its persistent growth throughout 2018. It has been driving almost every area of life helping people to connect with the innovations and making the lives more convenient.  The high rate of tech jobs in Nepal has also proved the growth rate of the tech industry. This growth rate is found to be 30% higher in 2018 affecting Nepal’s economy as a whole.

So where SMS marketing does fit into the tech industry?

The most important role will likely be in recruitment as we can see more and more demand for technical manpower in Nepal’s topmost recruitment agencies. SMS are the basic requirements for any software that may be built to fulfill the requirements of any other sectors. For example, Vianet Communication requires SMS API to integrate into their system so that they can inform their customers about their activities logs and send immediate bulk SMS to all customers at a time.

#2 Advertising Agencies

With the increasing trend of digital media, there is notable growth playing a huge part in this continuous boom. This growth represents a relatively small slice of the pie, SMS Marketing nonetheless has an important role to play in this equation. It is extremely well received by customers claiming higher open rate and click-through rates.

The research of the Digital Marketing Association has found that 27% of customers purchase a good or service as a direct result of receiving a text either prompting the user to go in-store. It is also found that the loyalty of customers to that business has increased with SMS marketing as they receive helpful or informative text regarding their recent purchase. By the use of SMS Marketing, the advertising agencies are supporting the brands they work with, from straightforward direct marketing campaigns for products and services to large-scale integrated campaigns.

#3 Tourism

Another industry that continues to show incredible bounciness and growth in Nepal is the tourism industry. Technology and travel have never been so intertwined. People are bringing technology with them using their smartphones to create a more personalized experience. They’re using their phones to research and plan our travels. From their boarding passes and travel plans to directions, they head around their phones.

Knowing your customers are on mobile, it’s a great opportunity for you to reach your message to your target customers through SMS marketing with high open rate and quick response time. In spite of this, a surprisingly low number of companies are utilizing this channel, which aims to play a significant role in their marketing mix. If your clients are already habituated to have their phone be a part of their travels, then you can maintain your strong position in travel industry through SMS campaigns with the support of SMS Marketing at Sparrow SMS.

#4 Recruitment Agency:

Today in any booming industries in Nepal, there is the high need for skilled manpower. Recruiting skilled employees and people management has fulfilled any industry’s need to find, recruit and keep good talent for a long run. The skilled and experienced workforce has been the industry’s single greatest asset. Knowing the fact, recruitment agencies can use SMS Marketing as a simple, efficient and cost-effective marketing tool. It’s suitable for managing relationships with candidates at every stage of the process.

SMS Marketing can be used, for example, to arrange the initial interview or meeting as well as send reminders to the candidate, share job matches, request documentation and send updates on the progress of applications. SMS Marketing can also be used to confirm shifts, locations and other details relating to the deployment of temporary staff, ensuring that your people are in the right places at the right time.

#5 Accounting & Finance

Last but not least on this list is the accounting and finance sector. All the banks and financial institutions are integrating the SMS gateway to their system to notify their customers of any transaction held or communicating any information through bulk SMS.

As well as this, it can be a great way to share industry news bulletins, blog posts and more to help keep clients fully up to date with the information that matters most to them, helping accounting and finance brands to give their customers added value as well as maintaining their status as thought leaders and influencers in their fields.

So which industry you are engaged in?

Whatever your sector, the team at Sparrow SMS can help you to grow with our award-winning, low-cost bulk business SMS Messaging solutions.

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