5 Reasons Why Grammarly is “Perfect” for Content Writers

Never ever heard of Grammarly?

Then In this article, you are going to learn 5 reasons why Grammarly is “Perfect” for content writers, bloggers, and publishers;

Grammarly is one of the most amazing grammar and spelling monitoring tool which can be used by online publishers and writers. This helps you detect spelling errors, punctuation errors, commas and many more;

Grammarly comes with two versions

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  1. Free: Free version work with limitation but helps a lot for minor problems like commas and spelling mistakes;
  2. Premium: But premium comes with rich features including plagiarism checker and article rewriting features and many more;

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Who Should Use This Tool?

As you know this comes with two version one is Free and Another Premium; I would suggest you get started with Free version and after testing it for sometimes you can upgrade it to Premium version;

And to answer that question who should use this tool? I would say, everybody, those who write online or offline as a publisher, writer or maybe a blogger;

Even I would suggest companies to use this tool for preparing their official docs as well; It’s because most of the time they won’t be able to review each and everything and there might be the chances of errors;

Grammarly helps to eliminate the errors easily; It keeps tracking your error and updates you immediately by giving an notice on the particular places where an error has occurred;

5 Reasons Why Grammarly is “Perfect” for Content Writers

To add more, this is a must-have tool for student’s it’s because they had to prepare for their assignments and the main thing is they can’t afford errors in their assignments that might cause a problem in their academics; So it’s better to use this particular tool for solving the grammar and comma issues and plagiarism as well;

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#1 Easy & Simple to Use

Grammarly is very easy and simple to use; You just have to find out the Grammarly extension for browser and Microsoft Word Application for Office Packages;

Just Install those packages and you are good to go with it; But make sure you sign up and log in your account; Otherwise, it won’t work that perfect and it won’t let you correct your errors;

#2 Plagiarism Checker

One Amazing feature that Grammarly gives to their users is that they offer Plagiarism checker tool, which works best for the writers, students, and bloggers; Make sure you guys are using this tool for your own benefits;

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#3 Proof Reading

Grammarly is so handy and awesome tool this helps you proofread your article. By saying that I would like to mention that it’s not just an automated tool, this tracks everything to the point. If anything goes missing it will suggest you if any mistake occurred at any point of the article; It will give you an error notice; So that you can fix those issues;

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#4 Grammarly is Best for Writing SEO Friendly Articles

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important things for bloggers and online publishers; I would say this gives you an overall idea for writing a perfect SEO article;

To make a perfect impact there are few things those needs to be resolved like Title Issue, Content Structure, Fresh and Unique content; So it’s better to use Grammarly for SEO writings;

#5 Correction, Comma’s, Punctuation Fixing is Accurate

Yes, Grammarly is the tool for fixing grammar issues those are present in the article. Now if I have to tell you then I would recommend you to go for a premium version of Grammarly it’s because free version gives limited suggestions;

And those limited suggestions are 100% accurate or 70% we don’t actually know about those; But on the premium version, you can directly contact with the support and ask if you face any problems and etc…

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Wrapping it up

I hope this tool will surely help for your article writing and blog writing; In blogging, content writing is required must but without having good quality content and error-free content it will not be that easy to convince your readers; Let us know your experience about Grammarly in the comment sections;

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