6 Clever Ways You Can Try to Save & Make Money Now

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We can all relate in trying different ways to save and make money; however, most of the time we fail. Personally, I’ve cooked cheeseburgers, bagged groceries, written various types of articles and bathe dogs to earn a little cash. Unfortunately, saving money is difficult to consistently do. When desperate, you’re left with no choice but to fool yourself to save a small amount of money, instead of spending them.

Gone are the days that you have to suffer and isolate yourself from temptations, to avoid spending it. I’m going to share with you a few of my tricks that are highly effective, and I still do to save and make money.

  1. Decrease your car insurance rate.

How will you know if you are paying more on your insurance?

Have you conducted a compare-and-contrast survey for at least 20 renowned auto insurance businesses in your area? Thinking about this just discourages your motivation to save money.

Lucky you there’s a service named Gabi and will do the stressful job for you without any forms to fill up. The process is very simple, just provide and link your insurance account to your driver’s license plate number.

Once you’re finished linking the two, Gabi will:

According to Gabi, it’s guaranteed that their customers can save up to $720/year on average.

  1. Avoid free scratch-off lottery tickets.

The satisfying feeling about purchasing a scratch-off ticket from any gas station, and you can’t seem to resist yourself. This is penny hoarding and it’s better to avoid it as much as you can. When it’s really difficult to stop yourself, use this Luckastic– it’s free and you can scratch it anytime and anywhere you can. Also, you won’t get bored, because every day, it discharges a new variety of digital-based scratch-off tickets.

Furthermore, the Luckastic claims that anyone has the chance to win $1 to $10,000. Plus, you can earn and receive tokens, play games and enter different contests. In addition, the payouts are high and enjoy games for free, because the application is reinforced by various advertising.

  1. Don’t delete your valuable emails.

Actually, it costs you a lot of money once you delete your money. Intrigued?

To get your money back from your reckless online purchases, I recommend you to this famous weapon I know called Paribus. Don’t worry about any hidden charges once you sign up, because it’s a free application; and if you’re finished signing up, it immediately oversees your email if there’s any receipt attached to it. When it discovers a purchase from any of its observed retailers, it helps you to get a refund once it has done tracking down the item’s price.

One more thing, Paribus will help you compensate your delayed shipment if proven that it’s the retailer’s fault.

  1. Keep your cell phone bill along with its discount carrier.

There’s a notification on your phone, and that’s the cell phone provider you’ve been using. What’s funny is its updating and sending you messages more often than your friends. It constantly informs you,” almost 90% of data has been used”, with a persuasive statement that says,” For $15, will put an additional 1GB of your shared data.” See how great it is. Go ahead; add it up to my ever-growing cell phone bill.

If this never-ending process is sickening you, look beyond and discover Twigby. For both phones, you’ll only get to spend for at least $60 per month.

  1. Save more money with Tech Apps

Once you sign up in Digit, saving money is no longer a difficult and tough job to do. This tech-savvy application automatically saves money for you. The algorithms will check a safe and small amount of your money to separately withdraw it, once you link your checking account.

With the usage of forget-it-and-set-it strategy, unconsciously Penny Hoarder can save at least $4,300.

You can use Digit for free on your first 30 days, but unfortunately, after that free trial, you have to pay $2.99 per month onwards.

  1. Earn money on your extra space at home.

Do you have a spare and extra room? Make some money out of it by listing it on their so-called Airbnb. If you are comfortable with having tourists on your house with a remarkable space, you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars to add up on your bank account just by listing your space at Airbnb.

We should not limit ourselves in making and saving money, especially if there are different and unique ways of earning it. Resourcefulness and creativity are just one of its significant ingredients to ensure that you’ll be able to find a way through this modern technology and system.

About the Author

Bianca Lauren is a financial community adviser at Cash Mart SG Licensed Moneylender. She’s also a speaker at financial planning conferences events around Asia, sharing her expertise in personal finance, lifestyle, business and entrepreneurship.

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