6 Facts about ‘Savitar’ – God of Speed

I’ve already explained about Savitar in the previous article. In The Flash Season 3, there is a character named after Hindu God – God of Motion. Savitar is the very powerful speedster in DC comics. The evil speedster is part of the DC universe and not new in the world of Flash. Get to know Savitar before he makes his appearance on Season 3 of The Flash.

In this very article, I’ll try to explain 5 facts that you might not know about God of Speed ‘Savitar’.

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Lightning is the source of his power

He has got his powers when he was fighting a war and got struck by lightning. That power helped him to save himself from enemy territory and he became Savitar god of speed.

He is not a Popular Character

Tell me, have you heard his name before season 3. Savitar is not that much popular character in DC comics. Although he calls himself a god of speed. Savitar appeared several times in DC comics series.

He was named after Hindu God

The most popular fact each and every DC comic lovers knows about Savitar is that he was named after Hindu god – God of Motion (Shivaa). Actually, the real name of Savitar was not revealed in DC comics. He named himself as Savitar and He is Savitar god of speed.

Savitar is Different in Comics and TV Series.

Yes, Savitar is different in comics in CW comics series they have surprised comics fan with some changes with Savitar’s look. Savitar comes as a Transformers nemesis but in comics, he comes covered his face with Golden Mask and Golden armors on his shoulders as well.

He has Lots of Power than You Think

As you know in season three of The Flash you’ve seen that he is way faster than The all the speedsters available in The Flash season 3.

He Can Steal Powers and Heal Faster

Yes, that is what Savitar is looking for, he can steal powers from other speedsters as well as other metahumans. Savitar can also heal his wounds at superhuman speed like Marvel’s Wolverine. Looks like Savitar brings more challenges to the Flash, according to Collider. Savitar god of speed

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