7 uncommon ways to hire and retain the best employees

retain the best employees

Committed employees are the backbone of any organization. All companies need to find employees who care about their work and want to do their best every single day on the job. All those who are looking to hire the best employees should look for ways to find caring and dedicated workers. In addition, they should also look for ways to make sure that employees feel appreciated on the job. These techniques can be used to locate people who are likely to do a great job and stay for the long term.

Additional Education

One part of their career that many highly motivated employees care about deeply is having a chance to learn. People who are always learning are those who are likely to do a great job. Employers should look for ways to help employees expand their existing knowledge base. For example, an employee might be interested in pursuing a degree beyond their university education. Allowing them additional time to spend in class can be of great use to the employee and the employer.

Family Balance

Another consideration that employees look for when it comes to deciding where to accept employment is a company that allows them to manage work life balance well. When the employer makes it clear this is a priority they are likely to attract candidates grateful for a company that shows them such understanding and consideration

Thoughtful Testing

Testing before hiring can also be of great use. Working closely with the experts at Sten psychology consultancy can help locate those who have the aptitude necessary to get the job done. These kind of testing also enables them to find employees who are likely to have the talents they need to expand into new markets.

Flexible Hours

Flexible hours are another useful tool when it comes to providing for employees. Many employees have many commitments they must meet like caring for children or an elderly member of the family. When an employer indicates they can accommodate an employee’s existing needs, they can make it far easier to make sure that all employees are ready and able when at their workplace. A flexible schedule also allows people to best use their talents. Early birds can hit the work early in the morning. Night owls can be at work when they know they are at their sharpest.

Leadership Opportunities

People aren’t just looking for a job. They’re looking for a career. An employer who can demonstrate that it is possible to climb the career ladder are those who are likely to make this company their top choice. It should be indicated that such opportunities are available to all who seek them during the interview process are those who are likely to find candidates who are aware all of their talents can be used. An open company with many opportunities for advancement will often have their pick of qualified employees.

Providing Rewards

Rewarding employees should be at the top of the priority list. Employees who feel they are valued are those who are likely to be highly loyal to the company. Small rewards can make a big difference. For example, having an early dismissal on Fridays during the summer can leave all employees time to get their weekend in gear. Larger rewards can also be of use when attracting employees. An employer should make all benefits of working at the company well known in advance online and via many other outlets. For example, if they offer generous time off and large bonuses, this should be noted on the company’s website.

Using Social Media

Job seekers are increasingly making use of different media to find the job they want. An employer should be there with them. Larger social media outlets are an ideal way to advertise job openings. Savvy workers indicate in advance they know how to use non-traditional methods to find jobs. They also indicate they understand how to think out of the box in a creative way. Employers can take advantage of the workforce at their disposal. Working closely with online job seekers is also a cost effective way to vet candidates for employment.


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