8 Popular “Tech News Sites in Nepal”

In this article, we are going to cover about “Tech News Sites in Nepal”. Nepal, being generally new to the universe of innovation or in a tech industry that we might call, it’s history goes back to quite a few years prior. In spite of the fact that the improvement of innovation is quickening, despite everything, it isn’t sufficient to make up for lost time to different countries.

Because our steady growth in the tech industry will surely lead us to the better future and quick innovations as well; There are more people getting influenced by Blogging Industry or a Community which exactly leading them to create a better product or service or even we can add a term a website/blog for a news readers as well as daily tech followers.

From past few years, we have seen a lot of blogs have been created some of them failed and some of them making their living out of it; But there are some of them they make quite a good presence in Nepali tech industry; Just to add a few names I would say GadgetByteNepal & TechLekh.

Now let’s get into the topic: “Tech News Sites in Nepal”: For more, you can check Top 10 Blogs in Nepal

8 Popular Tech News Sites in Nepal

There are many Blogs & Websites that I’ve visited; Here is the list of some of the most popular “That I Think”, mention names on a comment section if you think I forgot some sites or blogs to mention here; Or You can directly email us at [email protected] And please you must understand this is not a ranked list this is a random list of tech sites from Nepal.


They used to provide their contents in English but now they have switched to Nepali. And I prefer that they are targeting Nepali audience on a priority basis; You can check them from below cited link;

Living with ICT is the leading contemporary IT magazine of the nation (i.e., ‘A’ grade – Categorized from Press council Nepal). In position of global trends of media, Living with ICT provides a unique forum where academicians, educationists and students share their knowledge to fellow interest groups to satisfy their thirst of Information & Communication Technology. We believe in keeping pace with the cutting-age-technology to get achievements in this era of information and technology. Thus our vision is to build an e-society on accord of our slogan “Building an e-society”. [1]


This is one of that website or blog I’ve followed a couple of times. They cover almost everything happening in the Nepali tech industry. Startup Coverage, WorkShop Coverage or Events we can say etc…

ICT Frame is an online magazine for the community belonging to information and communication technology which also provides two versions of the magazine based on native and international language. ICT Frame serves the need of today’s world which is occupied mostly with the ideas relating to information technology. It has been helping out Nepalese youths providing different perspectives regarding the development of Information Technology in Nepal. [2]


TechSansar their quality of information that’s the really amazing thing a tech lover will love to read and TechSansar used to provide really amazing stuff from their website. Still, they have shared worthy computer tips tricks, news and reviews.


One man army Rupka has been working on a BlogorTech to provide legitimate reviews or Nepali Apps and other resources that are needed to be reviewed; Even he has been covering startup stories as well as events. That makes it more worthy to read.

BlogorTech, is an unique platform, where you can find the legitimate review of Nepali Android Apps and various resources needed for an aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers. Also, you can be updated with the tech events happening in Nepal. Our aim is to promote Nepali Startup Ecosystem, both nationally and globally. [3]


One of the most popular name in Nepal that is GadgetbyteNepal, their team consistently working on providing best tech news and smartphone reviews for their targeted audience. And that consistency what we loved;

GadgetByte is the Leading Tech Review News Portal of Nepal that gives the users information, tools, and advice that will help them decide (with Buy Guides and Tech Guides) get the most out of the Tech. [4]


Another website I generally follow after GadgetbyteNepal is (GadgetsinNepal) these two sites have their amazing presence in the market or tech industry. They both follow all the tech updates and smartphone review coverage. And the quality that is the primary thing that we all loved.

Back in 2010, there were no websites or blogs that used to give information about gadgets available in Nepal. And this is how I got an idea to start blogging about gadgets available in Nepal. I created a blog called in 2010, where I shared the prices and specifications of smartphones available in Nepal. [5]


Gizmoguff looks new in the industry but their hard work on content is that what I loved about. Another thing is that the User Experience that they have put on their website that is impactful; They generally have tech guides, gadgets reviews, news and rrumors

Founded in 2016, Gizmo Guff is one of the fastest growing tech media startups in Nepal. Our vision is “Be the leader in the tech news online portal of Nepal and beyond” and our mission is “to be the number one Tech News Website of Nepal by 2019.” Our main goal is: “Tech News Views and Reviews”. [6]


This is the website that I’ve visited many times to get updates on different things like camera’s update and their pricing, auto industry updates and many other tech kinds of stuff like reviews, event coverage & deals. The consistency on a content is one of the key things and that is what exactly they are putting their hard work on.

TechLekh is Nepal’s leading technological media that focuses on startups. We are a proud to be a group that aims at representing the ideas and innovation that come into the Nepali market. We provide a one-stop-shop in-depth information about the activities that happen throughout Nepal. [7]

That’s all about ‘Tech News Sites in Nepal‘. If you think we’ve missed some other sites as well then please let us know via the contact us form with the valid website URL and description, if you want us to add to this list. Or you can directly comment on this article, we will review almost everything. Cheers :)

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