9 Blogging Advice for Bloggers

These 9 Blogging Pieces of advice for Bloggers are really important factors. In my opinion, blogging is not a passive work. It takes lots of time, lots of constant and hard work to write and to make relationships in order to produce a successful blog.

#1 First of all, Understand Your Audience

This is the most important thing for you. You must have to understand your audience for the better performance.

What kind of post they want from you. Ask your readers to know what they want and what kind of post they wanna read.

Understand the category of your audience i.e Tech Lover, Story Lover, Controversial or etc.

 #2 Get Ideas from Your Audience and Respond Them.

Secondly, you must have to get ideas and reply them as soon as possible. If you respond your reader and visitor fast then they will come again to your site and definitely, they will ask you for help if needed.

It means gathering ideas from the audience will help your blog to reach the top of Everest.

#3 Love your Readers and feed them Amazing Content

Without any content, there is not any way to get success in blogging. So you must have to post great and amazing content for your reader. If you are not getting ideas what to post for the reader then just do google and ask how to get ideas for amazing content.

If you are not getting ideas what to post for the reader then just do google and ask how to get ideas for amazing content.

If google also doesn’t work then go for the second step, ask your reader, visitor, friends what they like to read.

Another main thing is to be always nice with your readers. Respond them nicely and make great long term relationship.

#4 Build Email list

To get loyal and faithful and long-term readers and visitor you must have to build an email list or increase your subscribers.

Having an email list allows you to promote your new content to your reader and audience.

Subscriber will automatically get notified when you posted new and informative post on your blog.

#5 Manage your Schedule and keep Consistency

Consistency is the most important factor in blogging. Losing something is the very easiest thing in the world but gaining something is very hard and tough thing in this world.

If you do not do hard work you will not gain success and profit. So be consistency and manage your schedule to feed your reader.

#6 Write interesting (catchy) headlines

Content doesn’t matter for the reader, most of the reader visit the page and if they do not find catchy headline they will move to another page.

No matter how great your content is, it won’t matter unless you have an amazing headline.

#7 Keep Your Post Short but Not Less than 300 Words

You must have to publish a post that contains more than 300 words to get indexed by search engines.

There are two kinds of readers a. Some of them want to read long stories and long posts.  b. Some of them want to read the short post.

#8 Focus on Building Relationships (Call to Action)

The relationship is the most important thing on blogging, without the relationship you cannot do business same way without the strong relationship you cannot do blogging. Relationship leads you to your destiny.
But there are two kinds of relationships
  1. Short Term relationship.
  2. Long Term relationship.
You must focus on Long Term relationship with your reader and other bloggers too. It’s not a one-time business so you must have to maintain long term relationship.

#9 Giveaways.

If you wanna get something, then first you must have to lose something. Giving something means you can give something freely or you can do give away content to create loyal fans. This will help you to increase lots of traffic.

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