A complete analysis of the Latest Micro Voice Recorders

With time and technological advancement, the world has become more compact. Life has become easier and tech-dependent. You can get everything at the touch of a few buttons. Owing to the present situation, a lot of new devices have come up to improve our living standard and to boost our security. You must have heard about the recent buzz of the latest micro voice recorder. To know more about this device, keep reading this article. This will surely blow your mind. Have a look.

The world’s smallest voice recorder

Yeah, that is true. This device is just the size of a paper clip. You can fit it anywhere. In the current time, this is known to be as the smallest audio recorder that exhibits professionalism to its fullest extent. It comes with a battery life of ten hours. Also, it has the capacity of recording ninety hours of voice data. When compared to its size, the specs are magnificent. Another interesting feature is that you can hear the stored voice clips directly from the micro audio machine using your earplugs.

Know the working of this smallest audio-recording gadget

This gadget is extremely user-friendly. It comes with an on and off button located towards the posterior part of the device. A mere touch on the switch allows you to record the conversation going on without much hassle. The recording, as well as the output, is both easy to operate. You don’t require any special app or device to listen to the saved audio clips. You can listen to the same if you connect your earplugs with the gadget directly. Or else, you can connect the recorder to your PC or laptop and access it. For this step, you require a USB cable for establishing the connection. To play the clips in those devices, you need to install the VLC media player. Make sure the apps are updated and working in its latest version. If you want to access the files on a MAC, you can do that easily with the application of iTunes.

While accessing the files

There are certain points that you must remember while accessing the files. You need to connect your earplugs to the device before switching it on. After having plugged the earphones, press the button to power it on. After that, press the negative signed button to play the first audio clip. You will find this button at the bottom of the gadget. To hear the rest of the clips you have to press the positive signed button. If you want to decrease or increase the volume, you have to hold the same button for some time. Charging the device is all the more simple. You have to connect it with the USB cable and power it to the source. It takes around 120 minutes to charge the tiny gadget completely.

The X Factor

The compact size of the device has beaten all the other in the market. It is the size of an ordinary paper clip. The size gives in the flexibility to place it conveniently in any desired place without any worries.  It can last up to ten hours that covers the work period. The capacity is of storing clips for 90 hours. Also, you can promptly covert recording with a click. What else is required?

Additionally, it comes with an earplug so that you can directly access the audio files from any place, or hear it from your computer or MAC. There is no requirement of any additional software to hear your clips. Since the recordings are taken in the WAV model that is easily accessed through windows media player or iTunes. In short, you have at your disposal a tiny portable, flexible and easily accessible audio recorder.

What are the uses of voice recorder?

There are many uses of a voice recorder. It does not only help to boost security but also effective for many other ways. Read the uses and find your reason to own a micro audio recorder. Here they are-

  1. It is a great device for dictations.
  2. If you miss out on writing notes, you can use this device for recording the important lectures.
  3. It helps in the covert recording.
  4. You can easily record conversation or interviews.
  5. If you have a meeting, then you can use this gadget for capturing the important details.
  6. You can use it for as a device of collecting evidence, to record criminal offense at private or public places.

As you can see, there are so many sectors where this device finds its way. You can have your own sets of reasons which are not listed here. Moreover, you can record a live conversation without much ado.

Have a look at the features

  • Long battery life of 600 minutes.
  • You can store clips till 5400 minutes.
  • The size is 7X1.8X24 inches.
  • One-touch to start voice recording
  • 120 minutes charging required.
  • The HD quality of sound
  • Easy portability due to lightweight.
  • Contains amplified mic.
  • Could be connected to MAC devices.
  • Can pick up audio from 40ft.

What else do you get with the device?

Along with getting the smallest audio recorder you also get a pair of earplugs, USB cables. You also get a warranty period of three months. This means in the initial period of these 3 months; if you face any difficulty with the gadget, you will get it repaired without any additional cost.

How to delete files?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that consumers want to know. For deleting your files, you need to connect it with your computer or another device. Go to the folder under Recorded Files and choose the files you want to. If you want to delete all the files, then you need to visit the first file. After that, hold that down till the last file by pressing the shift button. That’s it! Your work is done!

If you wish to buy this amazing device, you can visit

and place your order. Hopefully, you will make the most use of this micro gadget in the best way possible.

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