Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in General Life

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

To be straightforward technology is more than gadgets and gizmos. We mostly talk about information technology and that is also different. There will be the sectoral difference between technology. But the meaning all of them will have same. And the technology will have advantages and disadvantages as well.

But before we get into the Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology, let’s find out the exact meaning of it.

Technology is simply known as a “Science of craft”, which came from the Greek word “techne”, actually means art, skill, the cunning of hand”; And also is defined by Jacob Bigelow in 1829 as Principles, processes, and nomenclatures of the more conspicuous arts.

That actually relates to the application of science and having such principle and scientific ways can help us boost the work.

According to,

The role and impact of technology in both our personal and working lives is ever growing. Understanding how people shape technology and how technology shapes people’s interactions with each other and the natural world is important not only for those who research, develop and implement new technologies but also for all those people and organisations that have to use those technologies in their working and personal lives.

Technology is not a neutral word. Different people will give it a different meaning depending on their viewpoint and context [1].

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in General Life

Advantages of Technology in General Life;

  • Improves communication;
  • Encourages innovation and creativity;
  • Improves human resource management;
  • It will help us save tons of time;
  • Creates mobility with the help of the internet;

Disadvantages of Technology in General Life;

  • Causes of distraction at work. If we normally take an example of internet mediums then you might understand it.
  • Maintenance costs will respectively rise;
  • Low creativity means less use of creative brain;
  • Makes employees lazy;
  • Affects workplace relationships – disturbance may occur.
  • It’s a bit risky – data security and etc… will require most higher cost and globally available as well.

Those all are the advantages and disadvantages of technology in general life. Especially we are growing with the technology and everything will have certain advantages and disadvantages. But we are not against with the use of technology. It should be mandatory in every sector.

With the help of technology there are many impossible things have become possible and we can get things done very quickly as well.


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