What is Algorithm? and What are the Properties of Algorithms?


What is Algorithm?

An algorithm is a finite, set of computational, An algorithm is a precise specification of a sequence of instructions to be carried out in order to solve a given problem. Each instruction tells what task is to be done. There should be a finite number of instructions in an algorithm and each instruction should be executed in a finite amount of time.

Properties of Algorithms

  • Input: A number of quantities are provided to an algorithm initially before the algorithm begins. These quantities are inputs which are processed by the algorithm.
  • Definiteness: Each step must be clear and unambiguous.
  • Effectiveness: Each step must be carried out in finite time.
  • Finiteness: Algorithms must terminate after finite time or step
  • Output: An algorithm must have output.
  • Correctness: a Correct set of output values must be produced from each set of inputs.


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