What are the Basic Terminologies in Data Communication

Data communication is simply known as a process of data transmission where data will be transferred from one device to another device digitally. Data communication can be done in two ways like a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication channels.

In this very article, we are going to talk about the very basic terms related to data communication or transmission. Those are necessarily required for data transmission.

Terminologies in Data Communication

#1 Data: Data itself is the key to data communication without having a transferable data, we cannot communicate via mediums or digital channels.

Data is known as a collection of facts in raw forms that becomes information after processing it. In communication, data will be the key term that needs to be shared in between networks.

At the start of the processing it will be in the raw form and after the transmission processing, it will become the valued information.

#2 Signals: The data transmission process will have signals to pass that raw data through the medium from start to end and those will be electric or electromagnetic encoding of data.

The raw data will be encoded and processed by the system to get an effective data at the end.

#3 Signaling: Signals are the medium to transmit data but propagation of data is required when it comes to getting an end data at the end. The transmission system should transfer the data to the system via signals or wave.

Here in networking the data transmission will have radio waveform representation of the data and they travel node to node to reach out to the end of the system.

#4 Transmission: And finally it comes transmission of the data, communication of data achieved by the processing of signals. All we need to have is data, signals and signaling it helps us to transfer raw data in encoded form and the data will travel from node to node.

The transmission means converting that processed data to give it a shape or to find out what it looks like.

These four terms in data communication and networking needs to be cleared before you directly hit hard into networking. Just make sure you learn small terms before you get into the code networking part.

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