Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, ASUS Laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal

If you are looking for the best budget laptops then this list is for you. Here on this list, you can find 5 best budget laptops under Rs. 45000 Nepali. In the market, you may find the price differences of some of the brands but yet you can speculate which is a budget laptop for you and how much it will cost you when you get it from the market.

If we genuinely talk about the laptop’s brand then there are few of them they are really popular. most of the people want to have the laptop of brands like Dell, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Asus.

And it this article we are covering laptops from those above-mentioned brands those are really popular under Rs. 45000 Nepali.

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#1 Dell Laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal

dell laptops under 45000 in nepal

Dell is one of the top laptop brands in Nepal, which also has its own service center for Nepali customers. They cover larger market as well as larger audiences in Nepal. That is why they are so popular and their laptops as well.

Dell Inspiron 3567 i3 Rs. 42,000
Dell Inspiron 5566 Rs. 45,000
 Dell Inspiron 15R 3567(i3/4gb/1TB) Rs 43,000
Dell Inspiron 3567(i3/4gb/500gb) Rs 41,000
Dell Latitude E3340 (i5/4/500) Rs 45,000

#2 Lenovo Laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal

Lenovo Laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal

Lenovo is also a popular brand in Nepali it’s because they have produced so attractive and lower price budget laptops for their customers. Even they have been providing graphics card for game lovers on their budget laptops as well. One good thing about them is they are also providing service center for their customers and that I feel good to point for consumers as well as them.

Lenovo IP 110( i3/4gb/500gb) Rs.40,000
Lenovo IP 320( i5/4gb/500gb) Rs. 45,000
Lenovo V310( i3/4gb/500gb) Rs 40,000
Lenovo X131e Rs 32,000
Lenovo IP 100 Rs 40,000

#3 HP Laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal

HP Laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal

HP has a benchmark of better performance in their laptops. Even their laptops have different looks as per their design. In this list, we have covered some laptops fall into the category of Rs. 45000.

HP 15- Ay (i3/4gb/1TB) Rs42000
HP 348 G3 Rs. 44000
HP Notebook 14-am049 A/P (X1G96PA) Rs. 41990
HP Slate Book 10-h015RU x2 PC-E4Y20PA Rs. 41690
Hp Slate book 10-H013ru-E4y18PA Rs. 37090

#4 Acer Laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal

Acer Laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal

Acer is the top laptop brand and their benchmark is a laptop with lower price and quality product. In Nepal, most of the governmental offices acquire laptops of Acer brand because they are lower in price with the great specifications. The even general public has shown great interest in buying Acer laptops because this brand is relatively affordable for them as well. Here are the some Acer laptops that you can get under Rs. 45000 in Nepal.

Aspire E5-574 i5 Rs. 45000
Aspire E5-575G i5 Rs. 56990
Aspire E5-573 i5 Rs. 45000
Acer 5005 i3 Rs. 39499
Acer EX2519 Rs 29000
Acer TM B117  RS 27000

#5 ASUS Laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal

asus laptops under 45000 in nepal

ASUS has produced damn amazing laptops for gaming as well as for general purpose. Their laptop looks attractive and their specification as well. Along with that there is no complain of performance because they have been giving their customers a required spec of graphics card and that fits really well the lower price. We’ve seen people using ASUS brands laptops for heavy gaming as well as video editing purpose. On this list, you can find some of the ASUS laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal.

ASUS E202SA Rs. 42000
ASUS T100TA Rs. 45000
ASUS X453SA Rs. 42500
ASUS X453MA Rs. 38500
ASUS X553MA Rs. 43310

Wrapping it up

Note: You may find price differences in Nepali market so before you buy on the above prices, there must be a place to bargain with the shop or with the store. Here we have just provided you the information about the laptops those fall into the category of laptops under Rs. 45000 in Nepal.

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