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The more you read, the more you gather knowledge. While studying SEO to help boost your business and website online, you must gather enough knowledge on SEO. Now, this is one such subject, which needs the learner to be constantly updated. Every day new things happen. Some people experiment to find out new ways to optimize. Some new changes in the algorithms of Google and other important search engines occur. Important updates in policies of search engines do get announced. And then strategies from SEO strategists also gets announced and discussed. People try new ways and see either failure or success or get mixed results. All these things also get discussed online through relevant discussion boards, forums, articles, blogs, etc.

It’s actually a whole world of ideas and experimentation, new ways and constantly changing terms and policies. Therefore the basic concept and understudying being firm, you must stay updated all the time. Without staying informed you would soon get detached from SEO and marketing practices online. Hence, here are some of the best blog suggestions for you to read and stay informed about the latest updates and changes in SEO patterns.

The Google Search Blog

The first thing to stay updated should be following the Google search blog. It’s Google’s own official blog. Here you get all official updates from Google and detailed discussion on them. This should be the first place to collect information about the latest happening in search terms and policies.


The site has been running since 2004. This is one of the oldest authority items for quality SEO related news and discussions. Basically, Moz has been manufacturing tools online for helping in SEO and marketing. Hence they are experts in making SEO aiding tools and patches and understands this domain as no other expert does.

Search Engine Journal

This is a very helpful blog to follow to get all the latest SEO and marketing updates. They also discuss PPC and paid to advertise. Altogether they discuss very helpful topics and all the latest news and updates there. Also, they come up with great suggestions for SEO practicing beginners and advanced users. Hence you will get good suggestions, updates, discussions, and really good things to learn from their blog, as you visit them from time to time.

Search Engine Land

This is another great place to learn SEO and develop a much profound understanding of the thing. They share helpful news and updates and their own resources and suggestions so that new and advanced both types of SEO practitioners can learn and develop their skills. Their SEO experts shares their special opinion and analysis report on many experiments, reports, updates, new practices, etc.


Yoast is a famous name in WordPress. It is a very important, highly used, very popular and most preferred SEO tool for WordPress sites. That is why the makers of the tool are ahead in discussing SEO too because they have great knowledge and grip on the subject. You can practically learn SEO in a great way by surfing through their blog updates. They have different sections for technical SEO and content SEO. That’s not all! They also have training courses that you may go online and become a pro in SEO. Here they discuss SEO and how their plugin helps in understanding and practicing better SEO is also taught there.


To learn and track how your site is performing in terms of SEO, the best tool to use is Google Analytics. And the easiest way to connect to Google Analytics and install it to your WordPress site is by using MonsterInsights service. They have this app which is the best to connect to Analytics and set it in your WordPress site. As they know analytics so well, they are a great resource to learn SEO best practices and get timely SEO updates and news.

Search Engine Watch

In 1996 this website started. They are dedicated to giving worthy, informative and useful news on SEO, and they have the top grade SEO experts under their banner to update their site with regular informative SEO related blogs. Their blogs contain vital information on SEO best practices, Google policy updates, great information on things happening around the world and more. The site is a great resource to learn and cultivate new skills in SEO and marketing.


Ahrefs is a tool which is used for analyzing site performance, analytical data, search traffic and many more things that determines how effective the SEO and marketing is for your site. They share tips and opinions, share case studies, and many industry leaders share their experiences here. Their tool also helps in analyzing your SEO efforts and see your performance. Their blog shares some very interesting videos on SEO.

Option Monster

This blog is shares special opinion and best practices on conversion optimization which is a very important part of SEO after your website starts receiving organic traffic. Conversion optimization deals in the conversion of organic traffic to leads and leads to customers thereby driving sales and reaching targets. And you learn this part of SEO that tackles with it here.

Talk to your SEO service provider more confidently

As you gain more knowledge In SEO, you can talk more confidently with your SEO service provider, analyze their work on your website, and also ask them about their advancements according to changed policies and practices. Some SEO services like KW Fyrebird SEO Agency Philadelphia never compromise on their quality of work by always staying updated. And if you want uncompromised high-quality SEO with constantly improvised practices, then you must contact one of such agencies.

Concluding notes

When you know what you are dealing about, and who you are dealing with, things get comfortable, and work becomes enjoyable. Same applies to SEO as well. As long as you are partially educated, you can always be convinced about anything by your SEO service provider. But once you start staying updated, you can always challenge any wrong practice and settle for the best practices only.

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