7 Quick Ideas To Boost SEO Rankings Updated in 2020

Google (search engine) is so much important for any blog or website because they have precise targeting to users all over the globe. Their cost of advertisement for a particular keyword may be as high as $50 because of the million amount of organic traffic they send to various web pages.

Search engine optimization aka SEO helps to save dollars spent on advertisements via quality and real organic traffic.

The search algorithm of Google has drastically evolved in the past few years. Building backlinks used to be a major factor to boost SEO rankings in the past but this strategy has lapsed in modern days. You can still rank without backlinks.

There was some old approach to rank higher on Google but the new techniques are beyond. Taking shortcuts like black hat SEO is dead. Google penalizes such sites.

In the new Google update, sites that contain over-optimized content are marked as spam. There is no magic pill to rank your site at the top without doing hard work.

SEO takes more than buying a custom domain.

This article by Neil Patel shows how not be penalized by Google & fix if so. Also, read Google webmasters guidelines for quality content.

How to Boost SEO Rankings (The Right Way)

increase seo rankings

Alright, let’s get back to our topic. These 8 quick tips will optimize your content and help to boost SEO rankings the right way using white hat strategies. Plus find a bonus tip at the end.

1. Optimize Title To Increase CTR

Click through rate means the percentage of visitors that click on your website when they search a particular keyword on Google. It is a huge newly discovered SEO ranking factor.

The Logic: When a visitor clicks on your page, it sends a strong message to Google that it is important and thus boost your score.

How to optimize title to increase CTR?

It is simple, include numbers and brackets on your title. It easily catches the eyes of the audience.

2. Reduce site loading speed

It is also a Google ranking factor and affects your SEO. There’s a reason why Blogspot sites do not rank well. It is because they take too much time to load. As a result, visitors quickly close the page & bounce rate increases which is not a good sign.

How to maximize site load speed?

Always invest in premium web hosting. They boost your site speed & are worth investing. Do not use free or cheap plans on shared hosting. You can use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to maximize speed. Avoid using large multimedia files and JavaScripts that slows down your site. Always optimize your files before uploading. Also, do not use unnecessary plugins. Maintaining 5 – 10 plugins on WordPress site is best practice.

3. Use Short And Optimised URLs

Short and optimized URLs have more value than long URLs. It is quite simple to make short URLs.

For example, my URL for the topic “Top 10 Incredible Features Of Picart” is “”. This makes users to easily remember the link and makes it more relevant to the content.

How to optimize short URLs more?

The next technique is to add focus keyword in the URL. Even “Yoast SEO Plugin” agrees with this and suggests its users add a focus keyword in permalink of a page. Always keep in mind that the first three words in the link are given more value. Avoid using numbers, brackets or any special character in the URL.

4. Publish Long Content

seo long content

Keywords with low search volumes can be ranked with short 400 words article but that does not case with tough keywords.

The Logic: Remember, Google always wants to show the best results. Longer content contains more LSI keywords and information that a user is looking for that makes Google happy.

What are the LSI keywords?

LSI keywords are similar or relating words to any title that helps Google to understand well about the topic. For example, if you are writing an article about “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” (movie), then the LSI keywords would be Devsena, Kattappa, etc. (Characters from the film) as they are closely related to the main topic.

How long should we write the content?

Different SEO expert suggests their own theory but my rule of thumb is to write an article between 1,000 to 2,000 characters long just like the one you are reading now. This page is exactly 1,000+ words long.

Here is what other SEO experts suggest about content-length:

  • John E Lincoln says “aim for over 1,500 words”
  • On a case study, Brian Dean discovered that the average first-page results contain 1,890 words.
  • Neil Patel, the owner of Quicksprout, found that the longer content received 68.1% more tweet and 22.6% Facebook likes which boosts SEO as a key factor.
  • Breaking it down, you should target at least 1500 words which will boost SEO rankings super fast but make sure not to write 1500 words of crap. Just get to the point and take care of other factors as well.

5. Use Mobile-Friendly Design

responsive design

The latest study by SmartInsights shows that mobile has the highest amount of searches than desktop, among which the category “food & beverages” receives 72% of searches.

The Google Webmasters Blog has also released an official statement on this saying that the pages that contain objects easily inaccessible to users on mobile devices may not rank high. So it is time to redesign or improve your site for mobile users.

Quick Tips for mobile-friendly sites

Avoid using any kind of pop up like signup form or ads that appear immediately or after few seconds when a page loads making content inaccessible. However, interstitial pop-ups that only consume the few portions of the screen like at the bottom, making content entirely visible would not affect.

  • WordPress users can use plugins like to fix things up.
  • Please ensure that your site is built by following Responsive Web Design (RWD) practices.

You can check if your site meets criteria by running Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Alright, let’s move to our next technique.

6. Use External & Internal Linking

Whenever you publish new content, make sure to add external links that help readers to sort things out. Add at least 2 to 5 outbound links to quality sources that make readers believe in your content. Only link to an authority site that users trust. Linking to sites with poor popularity or scam sites will make your site look scam too.

Similarly, add 2 – 5 links to old pages which you want to rank higher. A great example is Wikipedia. They have properly used internal & external links as a reference which results in ranking them higher.

Bonus: Write engaging content that focuses on the reader than a search engine.

The logic: When your audience is engaged, they will visit it more than once thus boosting your presence in Google.

How to: Write articles in the third person. Use words as “you” to grab their attention. Use infographics and high-quality images to reduce bounce rates. You can ask them a question or share their experience at the end.

Alright, guys, these were some but not the least ideas to boost your rankings super fast.

Now tell me which one is your favourite technique? Are there any new SEO techniques that you use? Just write it down on comments below.

7. Use Social Media Signals

Social media signals are still important, but here what mean about social media signals are the presence on social media. Like if you have a brand or a product even you can sell your service, but you can create a page to brand it through social media. One of the best example and a very effective way of marketing is Facebook. If you still don’t know about a social media marketing or how to create the social media pages then you can take some of the guidance from below pages.

So we recommend you to use your social media platforms to market your brand to make more visibility in the search engine as well as online.

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