C – Remember While Programming

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Before you start the coding you must have to remember these things in C. C is widely used programming language because C is the base for all other programming languages, if you know the C programming then it will you in most of the other programming like PHP, Python, Java and others.

You Must Have to Remember 
  • Do not forget to use pre-processor at the beginning of the program.
  • Do not forget to use library function.
  • Program must have the main function with return type or not return type.
  • Program must have the block for defining the variables and writing code.
  • C is case sensitive programming language so you do have to care about the variables, keywords and cases.
  • Most of the time we use lower case for writing the codes in C, If you are using any other cases, you must have to remember.
  • Statement ends with semicolon other wise that will return syntax error.
  • Use indentation for better understanding the code and to make more readable and user-friendly.

C Code [Right and Better to Understand]

This is the best way to make C code better understandable and more readable, any user and another programmer can understand the code easily.
        int main()
                printf("Hello Worldn");
                return 0;

C Code [Right but Not Batter to Understand the Code]

You can write your C code like this way also but you need to make your code readable and understandable, you have to work hard to understand this code.
int main(){printf("Hello Worldn");return 0;}


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