Change MAC Address Without Using Any Third Party Software

Change Mac Address

What is MAC Address?

MAC address is known as a media access control address of a device which is the unique identifier assigned to the network interface controllers for the communication; You might have heard about OSI layers Open system interconnection model where it will have certain layers of the segments;

Where they will have different tasks but for the data link layer it will have MAC address segment which will help devices to communicate; In simple term, MAC addresses are used in the Medium Access Control protocol sublayer;

If your curious to know who will set the MAC address on your device then it’s very simple the manufacturer will set the MAC address on yours. The manufacture means Network interface controller; 

Now I think you’ve got understanding about MAC address;

How to Change MAC Address without using Any software

We are going to learn two methods for changing MAC address of your device; These two methods will work on Windows; We are currently using Windows 10; Let’s go;

Method 1: for Changing MAC Address;

Method 2: Changing MAC Address; 

Now in this method, we are going to take a look at Registry editing method;

That’s it how you change MAC address using registry editor;

In case if you didn’t get network address in the right pane, right-click in the blank space, select “New ” then “String Value “. Enter the name as “NetworkAddress “. Now Double click on it and set the desired value.

In case if you don’t know how to check your MAC address details then let’s discuss that as well;

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