Cool Website to Stylize Programming Codes & Syntax Highlighting Online

syntax highlighting online

Here in this very simple article, we are going to discuss Source code beautifier/syntax highlighter. Which all syntax highlighting will be done online. This is the most important part of coding blogging or programming websites. You need to make your content attractive to get more visitors to your website.

If you share your codes without highlighting that may cause difficulties to understand. So you need to highlight your codes.

If you guys are looking for syntax highlighting online web pages then you can use the below-mentioned site and make the best use of it. This site has varieties of the code highlighting options.

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Steps to follow, 

Put the code that you want to highlight and choose the language, now if you want to show line number click on the checkbox and choose the style of your code and click on Highlight button that’s it.

Then finally you will see HTML code at right box copy that and paste where you want to show your highlighted code.

Wrapping it up

That’s all, it’s very simple and easy to do and use. After you are done doing that copy the processed code and paste it into your content section. This will work amazingly for your websites and blogs.

If you can’t code then this tool is very helpful to make sure you use it for syntax highlighting online.

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