Difference Between Mix and Stumbleupon

Difference Between Mix and Stumbleupon

Difference Between Mix and Stumbleupon: The hot news is “SU is moving to Mix” stumbleupon is moving to mix; I don’t know how many of you like this but yes it’s true they are moving; There was an official announcement by the Co-founder Garret Camp on Medium;

By the way, the transformation is needed on StumbleUpon but it was not the complete transformation I guess; The compatibility was the issue; It was not supportable on each and every device and browsers;

I’m the regular user of StumbleUpon and that was quite fun using it; One of the most amazing thing about Stumbleupon and we gonna is that random website or website picking feature;

Just only one stumble and you will randomly get a webpage where you can find the information that you are not expecting;

Difference Between Mix and Stumbleupon

There are quite some differences in between Mix and Stumbleupon;

Another good part of Mix over StumbleUpon is that it’s quite simple to use and understand the minimalistic design of the website makes quite impressive, But I also loved Stumbleupon because of it’s Red and Black combination;

Now what is the solution for Mix then; How will you add web pages on Mix directly from your website; The solution is you will need to add a Mix extension on your Browser;

Wrapping it up;

I guess that all of the Difference Between Mix and Stumbleupon; I liked both the platforms; SU is migrated to Mix that it; They have made it very simple and easy, But some likable features of Stumbleupon they have missed or they have replaced in a different way;

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