Digital Earning Through E-books

It’s safe to say, how far has the technology really come. I still remember being more than excited to buy my first storybook. Colorful arts, pictures, and meaningful endings. But those days now, are long gone.

Today, it’s an age of digital marketing. And obviously, every smart business, in some shape or form, have been taking its advantage for a long time now. But what if I say to you, even you can earn money online through such digital world, would you believe me? Still, on the neutral side are we? Well this article should definitely shove you to the right direction.

E-books simply put are electronic books. And the best part is, you don’t have to be an expert to create an E-book. With few guidelines upon the basic outline, we all can create such materials easily. E-books, in general, do not imply to only knowledgeable stories, the collection of poems or a novel you’re working on. The e-book can be anything, from a good old cook recipe you want to share, to any information regardless of its niche.

So how does this all pay you out? Well its simple, you write, create and share it with other people, on your worth and value. Depending upon its demand, the pricing can be easily be done.

Digital Earning Through E-books
Earn Money from Amazon

For example, in my case, the collection of 50 different original poems can be priced somewhere around $0.99-2$. I can not just go around and price it around 9-10$, especially when you’re just starting, in this digital world of online earnings. Whether you want to earn through your own website, AdSense  YouTube or in this case E-books; they all require one common thing, which is patients. It may take up to a month before someone, chooses to download your literature from Amazon.

But to make sure, that your hard work of going through everything pays off, you need to first build up your status. And the best way of doing that- Google+ communities. Trust me, no one is going to waste their money, even as little as it may look, buy stuff online, which they don’t think is worth it. And the biggest illusion they judge you by is the very fact that they do not know, how good you are at sharing information.

+BibekKafle is my Google+ account. Lately, I’ve been around 2 different communities, that includes members from around the world, who have a keen interest on “Poetic Writes”. Recently I’ve been building my reputation by sharing free original stuff via writing or posting my original poetry over there.

In just last three days of doing so, I’ve gone from 3 followers to 60 followers, that too who are interested in “MY CONTENT”. This, later on, will be the big plus in terms of my digital business.

So on the sideline work on creating great materials, great content and valuable E-books that are within your interest. Don’t go and write on things that you’re not aware of. And alongside, join a good Google+ communities ( having engagement rather than a big number of members) and build your circle.

Soon, all the hard work will truly pay off. And honestly, earning through E-books can really become a healthy source of income rather than wasting your money, on a lot of scams, online money making the website these days. Good Luck!

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