EWW Song Lyrics – Killer Mike, T.I., Young Thug

Eww eww eww
Eww eww eww, eww
What you gonna do when I pull up on you, nigga?
(I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know)
Pussy nigga know that he a cat like Tigger
(For sure, for sure)
Beat the pussy nigga with the baseball bat
Pull up with them F&Ns comin’ out the hatch
Pussy mothafucka scared to say it to my front
So I’m blowin’ out his back
Point it at his liver, make the nigga reconsider
Bands in my pants got me lookin’ a little bigger
Red just like Elmo but I never fuckin’ giggle
You can suck my pickle for a nickel
Eww eww eww
Eww eww eww, eww
How many niggas standin’ around you would die for you?
I’m not bein’ funny but if I come through there sprayin’
All them niggas turn to 4 wheelers
Honestly, truth be told, YSL won’t fold
Pick his ass off from the balcony
Walk into the house and change clothes
YSL, wipe a nigga nose
We don’t give a damn if it’s indoors or outdoors
We gotta have that, gon’ grab that
Nigga go stab that, smack that shit
Every day I keep the bands on me, I’m a lick
If a nigga think I’m sweet then his tongue gettin’ split
I ain’t doin’ any features unless you give me your bitch
I’ma fuck for the cash then she gettin’ robbed by Tick
Eww eww eww
Eww eww eww, eww
Hundred bands inside of my pants
Make the mothafucka dance on the stage
Aye, bitch, it’s a parade
Pourin’ 4s is a sport, Leanorade
50 whole k spent on my hygiene
Drinkin’ so much lean that my pee clean
808 just might be the dream team
Bitch got some good brain, call her Pinky
Bag full of weed, no lighter
In the kitchen wrappin’, rappin’ like a cypher
You know damn well, I like her, I’mma bite her
In a Bentley on West Lee gettin’ trailed by sniper
How the fuck you feel that I don’t mean nothin’?
All them years in the bando, no clean nothin’
Runnin’ to the cops, tell ’em I don’t serve the fiend nothin’
Pullin’ off like “SIKE!”
Bitch I got the bando, fifty hundreds
Spot ’round the corner filled up with onions
Big homie got a whole truckload
Me and Scooter take a trip to New Mexico
All I ever wanted was the money
All I ever wanted was the money
Put your hands in the air if you dare
Any motherfucker to step over here
F&N put ’em in a wheel chair
Eww eww eww
Eww eww eww, eww

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डिजीटल एम्पल एउटा म्यागजिन वेवसाइट हो, जहाँ तपाइ अाफ्ना बिचार हरू पब्लिस गराउन सक्नु हुन्छ । यदि तपाइ ले पनि डिजीटल एम्पलको लागी लेख्न चाहनु हुन्छ भने, संपर्क गर्नु होला ।

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