Experiential marketing is charting the course of new-age advertising

It is not just enough to create a relationship between brands and consumers, but it is critical to pack enough value in it. While it is important for consumers to learn about brands, they must also get the opportunity to understand what value the brand conveys and how it would impact their lives. The understanding is much deeper than just knowing about the goodness of the products. Creating value-based relationship with consumers is the only way to ensure fruitful commercial outcome from the interactions which is the goal of experiential marketing and the reason why it is so much in demand. Moving away from the traditional advertisement-based marketing and embracing experiential marketing is the only way to win the hearts of advertisement wary consumers who are ready for an immersive experience provided they get the right opportunity.

Traditional advertising methods comprising of spots, print and web banners have lost its importance and appeal to consumers.  It has paved the way for getting closer to consumers with some novel ideas by setting up pop-up stores and organizing mobile tours, events, and activations that bring the products in front of consumers and give them the opportunity of testing and trying it for proper evaluation and understanding. To launch an effective experiential marketing campaign which is the work of the specialists you must take help from a top experiential marketing agency.

The advent of the new marketing method signals the changing relationship between brands and consumers that focuses more on the physicality of marketing. In this article, we will explore how the marketing technique can influence purchasing decisions and generate brand loyalty that defines the new-age marketing.

Interactive relationship with consumers

The one-way conversation of traditional advertising where the brand does all the talking has been a big negative because consumers hate the approach of brands becoming too much imposing and often irrelevant. Instead, they prefer to interact with brands based on a two-way conversation that allows them to pick and choose.  The intrusive nature of online ads has made consumers so much wary that they consciously keep away from it and the problem becomes more complex when you consider the spread of fake news, ad fraud, poorly targeted ads that add to consumer apathy.

Brand promotion campaigns like the ones covered by experiential marketing have become more scalable and measurable through pop up activations that open the gateway for close interaction with consumers to forge new relationships and bolster existing ones.

Emotional connect with consumers

Brands have come out from the static domain and are livelier as the new marketing technique gives enough opportunities to interact closely with consumerswho can get a feel of it. The product and brand come to life as consumers not only evaluate it physically but even try it out like lipsticks and desserts. Being able to gather first-hand experience about the product brings consumers closer to it and develops an emotional connect that is not possible with any other kind of marketing.  And not only for introducing new products but also for one-on-one engagement, exclusive offers, and community bonding, experiential marketing creates the level of experience that is just not possible with digital ads. The power of experiential marketing becomes obvious in the areas of energizing the customer base through re-engagement and even engaging new fans.

The cultural connect of brands

Values conveyed through brands must have a link to culture for striking the right chords with consumers. While consumers are keen to discover a purpose for using the brand at the same time, they look for the proper perspective based on a set of values.  Strategies can lead to the success of physical events, but the brand culture determines how well it spreadsacross social media.  For maximum impact, marketers must develop content and similar digital component to ensure that the message keeps spreading even after the event.

Brands are innovating new ways to connect with consumers by adding value to their experience through problem solving. Marketers can develop campaigns that enhance brand awareness and at the same time facilitate client acquisition without using any advertorial means. 

Creating personalized experience

It is extremely important for brands to meet the consumer with the right mindset and in the appropriate context or else the promotional efforts would simply go waste as it would fall flat. The last thing that marketers can accept is a negative ROI and must avoid it by creating a more personalized experience for consumers.  It consists of gathering consumer data with the help of aids like facial recognition, contextual calibration, and biometrics linked to emotional awareness that provides valuable leads for personalization of the campaign.

Creating memorable consumer experience that they treasure for long duration is the key to succeed in experiential marketing. And the easiest way of doing it is to create a meaningful connection to the consumer’s daily life.

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