First Ever Arab Actor to Win Oscar – Rami Malek (Best Actor)

There are rumors that not everyone wanted Rami Malek to win an Oscar or his film Bohemian Rhapsody to win an Oscar, but after all, they picked him for the Award and our Mr. Robot has got the first-ever Oscar and made the history to win first ever Arab actor to win an Oscar award.

Before this Malek was best known for the lead role of the hit TV series Mr Robot as a vigilante hacker. And he played that amazingly

Malek starred alongside Christian Slater and won an Emmy for best actor in a drama series in 2016. Until Mr Robot gave him industry traction, his film roles were unremarkable, with small parts in Oldboy, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints and Battleship. [1]

“I don’t think critically the decision on this film was unanimous,” he told press backstage with a sincere smile, “but no matter what, I still do very much appreciate you, thank you.”
For Malek personally, this has been a road from alienation and social anxiety to major success. Growing up in an Egyptian family as a first-generation American immigrant, he never thought he’d be able to do something like this.

“I never saw anyone in a lead role that looked like me,” he said. “I never thought I could possibly play Freddie Mercury, until I realized his name was Farrokh Bulsara, and that was the most powerful message that was sent to me from the beginning.” [2]


Rami Malek Accepts the Oscar for Lead Actor

Well, what do you guys say about Rami Malek winning an Oscar award and which film and actor do you think could have won that award instead Rami. Just comment down below and let us know more about your perception.

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