Free Online Tools for Finding Duplicate Content.

What Is Duplicate Content?

There are millions of web pages on the internet and the content which is present on more than one web page categorized as a duplicate content. such content contains similar information about various domains. We can say that such content is plagiarized. It is an illegal practice, indeed. There are tools via which we can detect plagiarism but only a good and competitive plagiarism checker is capable of doing an in-depth search. Such tools are necessary to increase web traffic, enhancing good reputation and for higher ranks.

Some Drawbacks of Duplicate Content

  • Oversharing of the same information can destroy its worth for sure.
  • Numerous kinds of content have the potential to damage search engine optimization if you repeat it again and again.
  • Most important of all, if you keep repeating the content, then it is possible that a number of platforms will impose a restriction on your work and your potential consumers can block you as well.

By availing the services of any top-rated plagiarism tool, you can fix such problems flawlessly. Such tools are available online; you don’t have to download them for availing their benefits.

How Online Tools Assist You in Finding Duplicate Content?

A free online plagiarism checker is such a tool which is specialized for detecting any sort of copied content. Such tools can rewrite copied verdicts in meaningful words to increase the credibility of your work. The method on which these tools operate is convenient for everyone. You just have to paste your data and tool will generate research to find out any sort of duplicate content. A top-rated plagiarism checker can do a reverse image search to find out about the originality of images as well.

Small SEO tools offers you a list of specialized tools to find out duplicate content free of cost within seconds. Some of them are listed below:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Reverse image search tool
  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker by Small SEO tools

Deep search: 

SmallSEOtools offers you one of the finest plagiarism checker to find out any kind of duplicate content. it has numerous attractive features to provide you most unique content within seconds. This tool is specialized in generating search across billions of webpages on the internet. This sort of deep scanning can detect minimum levels of duplicate content.


Once you find out duplicate content, this tool has the extraordinary ability to rewrite sentences. Written sentences are unique and free from grammatical mistakes. In this way, this tool assists you in enhancing the quality of your content with less effort.  

Download the proof: 

This similarity checker tool provides you with the option to download the similarity index as a proof of the duplicate content. once you download the report, you can share it as well.

Multiple languages: 

Different languages have different content. Many tools such as Grammarly or DupliChecker are specialized in detecting and handling duplicate content, but they cannot entertain different languages as they lack such an option. But this tool by Small SEO tools provides you with the option of different languages as well. Therefore, no matter in which language the content is, you can find out if it contains duplicate information within seconds just by one click.

Percentage ratio: 

Once the tool detects all the duplicate content, then it will give you results in percentages. For example, if most of the content is copied, then the tool will tell you that 80% of the content is duplicate, and 20% content is unique by highlighting the sentences.

Find a source: 

This tool is the best plagiarism checker; therefore, it assists you in finding the source of copied content. it will automatically find out the websites on which content is present along with the credits.

Reverse image search: 

Only the written content is not duplicate. If you copy an image from any website or article without giving credits, then such an image will also be considered as a duplicate. This tool can find out such images along with their real source as well. Moreover, if you find out someone is using your captured photograph without your permission then via this tool, you can ask them to link back to your page to give you credits.

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