Full List of Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys 07/10/13/16

‘Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys’: Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet system which was developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It can help you calculate numerical calculations and analyze the mathematical problems, analyze them on the chart and many more features it has;

If you work on an administrative section then Microsoft Excel will be used in day to day office use; So at that time Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys will be very helpful to get things done quickly;

I use MS Excel shortcuts save time to do the same thing with the procedure; Now you can see there are many versions of Microsoft Office; These will probably work on most of them; So I’m assuming that you use MS Excel on a daily basis that’s why I’m providing you these Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys to increase your productivity;

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List of Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys 07/10/13/16

  • F2                                            Edit the selected cell
  • F5                                            Go to a specific cell
  • F7                                            Spell check selected text and/or document
  • F11                                          Create chart
  • Ctrl + Shift + ;                          Enter the current time
  • Ctrl + ;                                     Enter the current date
  • Alt + Shift + F1                        Insert new worksheet
  • Shift + F3                                 Open the Excel® formula window
  • Shift + F5                                 Bring up a search box
  • Ctrl + A                                    Select all contents of the worksheet
  • Ctrl + B                                    Bold highlighted selection
  • Ctrl + I                                     Italicize highlighted a selection
  • Ctrl + C                                    Copy selected text
  • Ctrl + V                                    Paste
  • Ctrl + D                                    Fill
  • Ctrl + K                                    Insert link
  • Ctrl + F                                    Open find and replace options
  • Ctrl + G                                    Open go-to options
  • Ctrl + H                                    Open find and replace options
  • Ctrl + U                                    Underline highlighted selection
  • Ctrl + Y                                    Underline selected text
  • Ctrl + 5                                    Strikethrough highlighted selection
  • Ctrl + O                                    Open options
  • Ctrl + N                                    Open new document
  • Ctrl + P                                    Open print dialog box
  • Ctrl + S                                    Save
  • Ctrl + Z                                    Undo last action
  • Ctrl + X                                    Cut or Move
  • Ctrl + F9                                  Minimize current window
  • Ctrl + F10                                Maximize currently selected window
  • Ctrl + F6                                  Switch between open workbooks/windows
  • Ctrl + Tab                                Move between two or more open Excel® files
  • Alt + =                                     Create a formula to sum all of above cells
  • Ctrl + ‘                                     Insert the value of above cell into the current cell
  • Ctrl + Shift + !                          Format number in comma format
  • Ctrl + Shift + $                         Format number in currency format
  • Ctrl + Shift + #                         Format number in date format
  • Ctrl + Shift + %                        Format number in percentage format
  • Ctrl + Shift + ^                         Format number in scientific format
  • Ctrl + Shift + @                        Format number in time format
  • Ctrl + g                                    Move to next section of text
  • Ctrl + Space                             Select entire column
  • Shift + Space                            Select entire row
  • Ctrl + W                                   Close document


I’m hoping that these Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys will definitely help you to gain more productivity and saving your time while working on any project or in a administrative or financial work;

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