Half of the Indian Territory was Nepali

I don’t have good command over English but trying to learn this thing along with history. So pardon me for any mistakes or spellings.

If you are from India, I know you would definitely want to scold me or you would want to say very harsh words on the above title. Well, leave that to history.

I’m just decoding the talk here,

I’m not against Indian citizens or Indian territory, I’m just against Indian political games.

One of the Indian ministers said that,

Their plan is somehow to build up a case of ethnic homogeneity so that the objective of Greater Nepal can be achieved someday. I don’t want to be personal but some of these Greater Nepal leaders, including the Sikkim chief Minister, maintain excellent relations with Kathmandu’s Singha Durbar…

Nepal Controlled Sikkim for 33 years and Kumaun, Ghwarwal for 25 Years, we also need them back.

Well whatever he said that might be true, and we wanted them back, we had in our constitution we can acquire any land that used to belong to us. There is no doubt we could have done that, and every country would do that in case of expansion.

Well that’s okay for India to be afraid, they can play their games but they should not do backstabbing, they have done at every point every moment.

Well, I’m not defining that they haven’t supported us, they have but there are so many things that they have done with the territories of Nepal. They need to apologize for that.

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