History of the Internet in Nepal: Internet In Nepal

According to the analytics, there were 9.0% people used the Internet in Nepal (That was the stat of 2011. But now Internet in Nepal is growing rapidly. The total percentage of internet user as of 2017 is an out 54%. This figure too increased in 2018.

The Internet has become primary need for everyone, every company or every individual who seek for knowledge and information. So now you can imagine that how much we are using the internet. By 2020 it will surely become 65% to 70% because development is going on and day to day peoples are feeling the need for an internet.

If we really go back to the History of Nepal then that might amaze you because Nepal is among the world’s least-developed countries.

Internet User in Nepal
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History of the Internet in Nepal: Internet In Nepal

It has endured extreme political instability in recent years because of its transition from absolute monarchy to democracy and because of its years of struggle between the state and militant Maoist insurgents, who control large portions of the countryside.

Nepal was under the rule of an absolute monarch until 1990, when popular pressure forced the king to transition to a democratic system of parliamentary monarchy. Since then, internal governmental collapse and parliamentary dissolution have been common occurrences.

During periods of extreme political volatility, the state has clamped down on the press and free expression. In 2005, citing deteriorating security conditions in Nepal from Maoist violence, the king imposed authoritarian rule and a week-long media blackout, during which the country was cut off from the Internet.

Internet Service Providers in Nepal

The state and Maoist rebels both have a history of harassing journalists and repressing media coverage.4 Nevertheless, with the exception of King Gyanendra’s authoritarian rule in 2005–06, Nepal has experienced tremendous growth of a “vibrant” and largely free independent media since parliament was established in 1990.

Although through 2005 less than 1 percent of Nepal’s population of twenty-three million used the Internet, the Internet market in Nepal.

According to the research use of the internet is growing rapidly and in the competitive market internet service providers (ISP) market is growing, But if we compare as per the market situation the access is lower and the price is higher. There are thirty-one private ISPs offering Internet Access to businesses and consumers in Nepal.

If we talk about the past then there were cafes they used to provide internet access to the users or consumers because not everyone can afford the internet. But now it has become essential for everyone and due to the competition price went down to compete in the market as well. If you don’t know what are the ISPs they are providing internet in Nepal then we’ve listed few of them in our previous article you can check the list of internet service providers in Nepal.

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